AFTER 11 DAYS, THEY ONLY TELL ME THAT DONT KNOW WHERE IS MY 1625€. I advise that nobody ever buys

I don't feel like writing, I just want them to stop cheating me.

Since the sales department does not give me a solution, I come here to someone to hear me.

I'm sorry for the other users and CM, but they deserve to know what this company crap is doing.


  • Bro ,I'm normally right there with you and cheer it but you're gonna have to chill out. coming from me the number one complainer , that's saying a lot about your multiple tantrums. With that said i reccomend a lil patience.

  • Yeah I had a pre order so I had to wait 6 months without hearing a word, Take that and smoke it

  • Keith WelchKeith Welch Member
    edited November 2019

  • sorry for the inconvenience my friend, but Fanatec is so painful that only when I do this do they deign to answer something, even if it is to tell me that they cannot find my money after 11 days, although I have sent them proof of payment from my bank account.

  • Aaron ScottAaron Scott Member
    edited November 2019

    im not even going to read that.

    welcome to the family bud, it's gonna be ok!

    when you get your base, you'll probably look back and laugh

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    The sales team replied to Mario today explaining that they will complete his order as quickly as possible. There is a backlog of orders as a result of the website switchover, and there is no additional information to provide at this time. Unfortunately, because Mario has ignored my reminders about spamming the forum, I have no choice but to temporarily block his forum account. I will personally follow-up on his order situation and reinstate his forum access once the matter is resolved.

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