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Hi I’m the hope that someone sees this that can get in touch with me. I ordered the forza bundle which at the time said available 10th July. Everything apart from the wheelbase and gearshifter changed to available 29th June last week and the wb and shifter was still for 10 July. I’ve just checked now and it’s saying the end of July! What’s this about? How comes we don’t get any messages about this from customer service? Is it really not gonna be sent until after this time? I know you’ve got it tough with increased demand and possibly harder working environments as have I, but it seems like a bit of a lottery as in terms of when you may receive your order. And more chance of winning it than having good information provided throughout. If someone could answer my question It would be much appreciated. Thanks Mark


  • I’ve opened a thread about about the shifter and Forza bundle hoping that someone would respond, nothing yet, the pre order dates keep changing every week now.

  • Really hard to feel sorry for any of you guys at this point. Dont you see the post after post of fanatec nonexistent customer service and the CEOs lame responses. Why do you guys keep ordering?

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    Unfortunately we ordered long before we saw all of this... all I saw before that was my friends being happy with their Fanatec stuff, but non of the dark side until now 😥

  • Same for me. I ordered knowing it would be end of June/ early July. Only after have I seen the forums and lots of problems. I’m currently on console so I don’t have much choice for quality gear. I’m debating cancelling my order as it’s a lot of money to not really have any certainty over when I may or may not get my goods. I’m not asking anyone to feel sorry for me I’m just asking for some transparency from customer service.

  • Thanks for the info. Hopefully we will have some answers soon.

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