Order shipped? But has not moved for 33 days? That's not shipping, that's sitting

Hi Dom, this is copy and pasted from the support request I am trying to submit through my account but the support request does seem to want to go through, after I submit the page just hangs, anyway it may show up as a support request as well, if your system is actually capable.

Fanatec, please follow up with your shipping provider USPS as to why my shipments to CANADA have not progressed since June 3rd. All product was ready to ship when I ordered.

I received 3 tracking numbers from Claudia for my order and two of the packages have not moved since that time. One of three packages has been delivered (F1 wheel)

There has been zero communication or explanation from anyone as to the reason for delay. I have no means to contact anyone at USPS or find our why they are stuck in LA

Have you actually provided the packages to USPS or just created labels and entered them in the system to make it appear as if they have shipped?

I see all of the issues on the forum your company currently has with providing customer service and I am beginning to wonder whether my order is somehow caught up in your inventory management system and is "stuck" in the system as has been communicated by Dom for other peoples orders which are not shipping on time. If you have truly provided the packages to USPS (the only option you offer for shipments to Canada) can you please contact them to get these packages moving. As your chosen shipping partner they are currently effecting the quality of your business by preventing your customers from receiving their orders which you have trusted them to deliver. As your partner they should respond to a request from you for confirmation on when the packages will finally move from their current location in LA where they have been for 33 days.

I have attached two pictures showing the current status of the packages on the USPS tracking sites indicating they are still in LA. The Third picture shows the progression of the first package that I actually received. What is interesting to me is that it did not seem to arrive at USPS until June 23rd after which it was shipped very quickly. The other two packages have not even "arrived" yet. So is USPS still waiting for the packages from you?

Please contact USPS and respond with the actions that will be taken to rectify this issue.

I do not want to address this issue by email over 14 day intervals taking several months to resolve.

I expect a response detailing the actions that will be taken, not an excuse or apology

Do not hesitate to call me directly if you have any questions or require clarification. 

P.S. support request is still hangin which may explain why there is no support request related to this on my account


  • Hi mate,

    Not working for fanatec or anything but knowing the logistics (due to a lot of shipping with UPS, FedEx, DHL, and a fuckall of companies) due to the racing team's part gathered around the globe, when the label only created is stuck as label created. When the driver picks the package the you get a collection notice (some companies don't do that) and then they are scanned upon arriving to the forwarding station.

    The last part cannot be done if the actual package isn't collected from the shipper.

    In the print screens you have attached looks like the 2 parcels were streamlined to leave the facility at the same time they were received.

    So either they are somewhere in USPS facility misplaced or they were shipped and lost and USPS just looking the other way since no one is bothering them on what the hell happened to those 2 packages.

    FANATEC for sure need to inquire USPS about it in case it is lost, but I would suggest you to call USPS and give them your tracking numbers. Since you are the receiver of the package they are obligated to provide you with the info.

  • Yeah, I have also been calling USPS and Canada Post to try to get someone to nudge or investigate the packages, you end up waiting on hold for a very long time and then the person just looks up the same tracking information and indicate there is nothing more they can do, they suggested I contact the shipper to start an investigation (they have no idea how incompetent the shipper is at supporting customers). Although one person at USPS indicated the regional facility may not actually be a USPS facility and USPS could actually still be waiting for the packages, that may explain the lack of progress compared to the first package.

    But look what happened on the 7th, it looks like both packages moved within the same regional facility they have been sitting in, although the July 7 update is just a repeat and the same as the June 3 that was in my original post("transit to the destination" NOT). The package I did receive "arrived" at USPS on June 23 as you can see above, and then very quickly made progress to Canada. So I think until I see that arrived scan USPS is not forwarding the packages they are just sitting somewhere. Or a label is sitting on a desk that someone just scanned again after receiving my complaints through all possible channels on the 6th?

    Coincidently also on July 7 I finally received a response to my first inquiry (June 29) after only one package of 3 arrived. Here is the response from Fanatec customer service that shows he clearly did nothing and just provided another excuse blaming the delay on Canada Customs which clearly have not even received anything yet, because they are located in Canada not LA where the tracking link he sent me says they are. So how he "confirmed" they are with Customs is a mystery or just a flat out lie. So even when Fanatec respond it is no help to their customer. here is the response.

    Hello Jeff, 

    first of all we want to apologize for the delay of your order and that your delivery didn't came in time for the birthday.

    I can confirm that your packages HJ506259640US and HJ506259596US are in custom. You can see more details on http://parcelsapp.com/en/tracking/ and https://www.canadapost.ca/trackweb/en#/home.

    Unfortunately the only thing you can do for now is to wait 

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact us again.

    Until then, stay safe.

    Best regards / Freundliche Grüße


    (Fanatec Support Team)

    So as customers have said and demonstrated many times on this forum, and from the perspective of a customer (not an arrogant CEO), Fanatec does not seem to take customer service seriously, responses seem to be fabricated by ignorant employees without any real investigation on behalf of the customers. They just generate excuses, and they seem to have no shortage of reasons why they cannot provide good service to customers (some of which I understand are out of their control, I have factored that in) .

    There is however one exception to the re-occurring Fanatec customer experience nightmare and that is Dominic Brennan who has been very responsive and helpful to forum members trying to get info on their purchases. Although it is not his responsibility he receives much of the negative feedback and genuinely makes effort to initiate the actions required to rectify the issue. I have seen many unhappy customers shift to satisfied after support from Dominic. Fanatec should put him in charge of customer service, and purge the ignorant clowns they currently employee for that purpose.

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