My order still in process. Other orders are already shipped?!

Hello Fanatec,

I ordered on Monday 4th a CSL Elite Racing wheelbase, CS V3 Pedals and the Brake performance kit, paid them via Paypal and the order is still in process. Now, another guy ordered on Saturday something to Netherlands, just one product and according to UPS, they will deliver the product today.

Now I know that the orders and not having the same products, but common, how much time do others have to wait until they get their products? It's been a week already and if you guys would have planned this better, you wouldn't face so much rage/anger from other customers.

Why did you have to do this rushed upgrade and not proper test your webshop and processes? How is this even possible as a German manufacturer? Where is this German engineering everybody is talking about? People also complain not only about the orders, but the McLaren wheel failing on official contests? How is this even possible?

Please, everybody needs to have some patience, but this is beyond me and I think you guys should move a little faster or inform your customer about the process. If you were a little more transparent about your processes and focused on customers, then customers like me and that guy who paid over 1500 euros for your products wouldn't speak with so much hate about you.


  • same situation here, i don't understand how the new website affected the shipping.. The IT guys maybe are simultaneously warehouse worker and sales men?? 🤣

  • Aaron ScottAaron Scott Member
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    you're hitting the nail on the head actually.

    they are woefully understaffed and were under prepared for the sim racing explosion!

    the beautiful Austrian countryside is not drawing in the staff they keep asking for, they have posted help wanted on here 3x in the last 6months, that screams of desperation.

    Bring some manufacturing to the Midwest, the rust belt has plenty of space for this industry, bring it! shipping from Illinois can hit anywhere in the USA in 5 days or less too.

    Call centers are big here now too, you need one of them in North America too, we can get some staff to service S.America too. people who speak the language is key to successful market share dominance. this will cut down on bad press here too.

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    Hi Aaron,

    but why don't they try at least to be transparent and acknowledge this problem?! I believe once people have answers to their problems they might go easy on them and not raise so many discussions, etc. They could have come with some pretty clear statements and everyone could be happy then... I don't know, set somehow a timeline for orders and returns or repairs. It's worse being in the dark because people just assume things, when they could know the real reason behind.

  • well, they have been as my post had explained. However, as selfish human beings as its in our parasitic nature, we over look it as its not what we are here for?

    my suggestion to everyone, is to take a step back and see the bigger picture. we are in a wild west time of sim racing, their are so many forces trying to go in different directions yet keep the industry moving forward. its a big ask, but they are trying and why i usually vent a lil and then realize the nature of our unique situation in time.

    i mean can u ever remember a time when a sim race against 19 other drivers separated by .3 was accessible ?

  • Order placed Friday (Podium dd1 ps4, bmw rim, csl pedals with load cell), shipped yesterday, arrived today. All perfect for me until now

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    Oh my god... then what the hell is wrong with my order?

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    There was unfortunately some 'stuck' orders from the Monday changeover, but this issue has been almost completely resolved.

    @Radu Stefan Bigu I am told that your order shipped today and you should be receiving tracking information soon.

  • @Dominic Brennan many thanks. I finally received the set yesterday, after I went to their place to manually pick up the order.

    However, I would like to inform you about one thing. I was lucky that the UPS guys put my order on hold because I had to pay import taxes. But the actual reason was that my telephone number was not the correct one the labels. It was 0123456789. So please inform your sales guys to actually print the correct mobile number, so that delivery guys can contact the person.

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    @Radu Stefan Bigu It looks like there is a valid number associated with your account, so I'm not sure why that happened (unless it was just changed). I have alerted the team, thanks for the feedback.

    I hope you enjoy your new hardware!

  • @Dominic Brennan I know, I've set my number correctly when I did the order.

    One more thing, I cannot find anywhere on the site a manual for the tuning menu of my CSL Elite Wheelbase. Even on google, the link with the PDF is shown in the results, but it goes to the homepage instead of showing the document. I want to know precisely what FEI, brF, DRF and other settings mean, but finding this information is really hard. Can you help here?

    I would like to get this information from official sources, not other streamers settings, forums and so on.

    Manual English - CSL Elite Racing Wheel - Fanatec

    Wish you a great weekend!

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator
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    The best place to find that information right now is in the Downloads tab for the CSL Elite Racing Wheel for PS4 product page. You should find a full manual there. The Tuning Menu settings are explained on pages 30 to 33. There is also a Tuning Menu video tutorial on our YouTube channel.

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