table clamp for DD1/DD2?


Is anyone here using the Clubsport Table Clamp V2 with the DD1 or DD2 wheel base?

I'm looking for a DD1 for smoothness and detail, not for raw force - I plan to lower the force feedback down to a level at or below than of the CSL elite base.

I had a logitech G29 here for a week, and the back end of it would constantly lift off my desk if I pushed down on the wheel while driving - my hope is the extra weight of the DD1, coupled with the deeper clamp design of the Clubsport Table Clamp V2 would let me use the DD1 (not to it's full potential, but at least for a better experience than the logitech)


  • I own the CSW v2.5 and table clamp and this is something I always wondered about. I don't see myself ever having the space for a rig in my house if I do upgrade to DD. I noticed a tweet by Nascar driver Joey Logano where he's using a DD wheel mounted onto the Fanantec table clamp a few months back. I'm assuming it lines perfectly for mounting. You don't hear this question very often, I guess because most people with DD are hardcore sim racers and also have a rig anyway. Here is the tweet:

  • I use this with table from IKEA and it's fine. However I don't even use the torque key, I mainly bought DD1 for nicer feeling and because my CSL was acting up and I wanted better reliability. One issue is that you cannot tilt the base angle like you can with the clubsport.

  • thanks Guys!

  • I know everyone says that you have to have a rig to use a DD wheel, but as you said that is not practical for everyone. Here is my setup with a DD2, the Fanatec table clamp and a desk that cost me $100.00. I think my PC helps stability, but the wheel doesn't flex a bit.

  • @Badwheels that's fantastic!

    I really appreciate the picture!

    Does the back of the DD2 ever lift up off the desk with that setup?

    Do you use the desk for anything but sim racing? if so, how much of a pain has it been to disconnect / move the wheel base when not in use?

  • I bought a Trak Racer RS8 when I was using the CSL, it was fine for the force the CSL outputs.

    When I got the direct drive unit, I bolted it to the platform. It was moving around way too much, I removed the monitor stand, modified it so it became the base and fixed it the existing fixing platform. This improved it vastly but I still wasn’t happy with the movement.

    I bought the proper fixing arms and added some 50mm 316L marine grade stainless Steel posts. Fixed the posts to the Trak racer, then fixed the arms to the posts. I am now 100% happy, no movement what so ever provided I am sitting in the seat. See images below, missus ain’t too happy but who cares lol

  • just to close this topic off... Desk clamp arrived yesterday

    Holy cow, this desk clamp is a beast.

    Between the DD1 and the clamp it weights about 27.5 pounds.

    Clamped to the desk, this whole assembly (wheel, base, clamp) feels just like driving an actual car, nothing jiggles or creaks, this is perfect and it's a bit of a shame that so many people suggest that the DD1 is a base for Rigs and not desks. It absolutely works great on a desk!

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    Sorry to re-open this topic, but I would be interested in having some more information about your setups when using DD1/DD2 on a desk. That's where I'm heading to and I am just worried by the Eye/Monitor distance, so, to simplify by the wheel/screen distance. For now, with a "small T300RS" clamped on my desk I get 25cm (10 inches) which is great for the FOV I want. What kind of distance do you get ? (I imagine no less than 50cm)

    Best regards.

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