CSW 2.5 Blue Light Blinking

Hi, every time i plug my base it start in update mode, even if i don't press the power button, it requires me to update firmware, i update and then after that it do small move and stop, like when requires to center, but it can't do anything more, now the red lights are blinking. This base as 2 years and 4 months, it's the second, the first died after 2 weeks with a motor problem, i didn't use it almost for 6 months cause i was doing some home modifications, it's shame that a product with this price tag can't last for a reasonable time/use.

Anyone knows what could be this problem?




  • I send it to Fanatec for repair, they said it was ok, the problem could be on my wheels, it was a big coincidence 2 wheels with the same problem, and before i told them to send it back, i took the wheels and go for test in a friend base, as i suspected the wheels where ok:

    Before they send it back, the support technician said he forgot to mention that there's a problem with the power supply, one wire got a cut on the isolation but it's not broken, if i want a new power supply, i said no, cause it's a simple thing to repair.

    I got the base back and it's been working about 3 weeks, now it starts doing the same thing again.

    Don't know what to do anymore, sending the base to Fanatec every time this thing happen ist's expensive and it's not a solution.


  • Hi,

    Did this ever get resolved for you? This sounds exactly like the issue I am having with my CSW V2/2.5 wheel base, which first started after I completed a firmware upgrade. I sent a video very similar to yours to Fanatec support and they diagnosed as a faulty motor. I sent my V2 base in for RMA and per my invoice Fanatec replaced the motor module, main PCB and fans with V2.5 parts. When I received the wheel base back it worked fine for a day but now I am seeing exactly the same issue again. The base always powers on in "firmware upgrade" mode with blue light flashing. The firmware upgrade appears to complete successfully but after the base is subsequently reset it just stops with a flashing red power button. The wheel base is unrecognizable at this point. The only way to recover from this state is to power cycle the base which just get me back to the blue flashing light. Fanatec support has requested that I RMA the wheel base again - but it just seems unlikely to that same "hardware related issue" would persists after replacement of all internal parts. Any insight or suggestions much appreciated.


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