Registered product not vissible anymore

Since the launch of Fanatecs new website , almost all products I’ve registered with serialnr. Are dissapeared.

is this because there's some data to be merged from the old database?

even my last purchase dd1 f1 ps4 is not in the list anymore.

can someone let me know . Otherwise I have to add all of them to my products again.


  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Johnny,

    Yes there is a technical issue causing some registered products to not show correctly on the new site, this is being worked on.

    I suggest that you don't attempt to manually add these products again, as this could cause confusion once the issue has been resolved.

    If this is preventing you from reaching support, please contact the sales team via the email [email protected] - they might be able to manually resolve this for you. If not, please wait for the system to be restored.


  • Hey Dom ,

    thanks for the quick reply.

  • For me my account had been completely forgotten.

    I had to register from scratch using the same email, but once in my profile I did not found any of the products I had bought.

    I have opened a support ticket on November 8th, but so far the problem is still there.

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