[PODIUM DD1] Loss of connection

Hi everyone,

Despite my research, i need your help.

I had random disconnections (about 0,5 second) when i driving. I have a DD1 wheel base / Porsche rim 911 GT3 R with module endurance and Pedals V3.

I tried on a USB 2.0 port but same problem 😭

PC Driver : 356

WB FW : 670

SW FW : 9


FANALAB : 1.24 BETA (tried on 1.23 BETA)

Thank you in advance for your precious help


  • Hello,

    There is a guy on y tub who experience more or less same problem. Give me a pm and i send you a link to his video tonight (some other guy post on the forum about dd1 problems and i post the link and someone deleted it :))

  • I just bought csl elite and in game or just in the menu screen ( with out the racing game even loaded ) after 8 minutes I loose connection from all fanatec equipment to console...

    did you solve your issue?


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