F1 2020 XBox One - Formula V2 wheel, Led not functioning and Buttons not mappable.

At the current release of F1 2020 for XBox One, the Formula V2 Leds are not functioning. Also the buttons (Rotary Thumb Wheels, Rocket switches, etc.) are not recognise nor mappable, hence, it can't be used.

The Formula V2 is attached to the CSW 2.5

Despite the Formula V2 is "Officially licensed for Xbox One" , and it is a Formula wheel, unfortunately it not useable on F1 2020 on XBox One for now. Hope Codemaster/Microsoft will fix this.


  • This is known for years, Xbox doesn't support LEDs, Display Data Output and most of the buttons like Thumb Encoders, MPS, 2-way-switches etc.

    Microsoft needs to update their Xbox code which is unlikely to ever happen on current Gen, and I personally also doubt they will for next gen...

  • Hi Maurice,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes, I doubt it.

    Do you think, it is more on Microsoft code on the Xbox rather on the application it self.

    I remember we had the same issue with F1 2019 on PS4 at the beginning of release, however, Codemaster fixed this issue with the new release, which is now all working well specific for F1 2019 on PS4. Is it different case with XBox?

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    It's fully and only an issue with the Xbox code, no game can deliver these features because they are all limited by the strictly limited Xbox code. So nothing Codemasters or Fanatec can fix here...

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    There are "workarounds" to get at least some data by using an app on your smart phone... I used Race Dash and set up the UDP telemetry to my phone, mounted it to the top of my 2.5 wheelbase and used the app as LEDs... I ultimately purchased a gaming PC to fully unlock the potential of the fanatec gear.

  • is this still the case or have they updated the codes?

  • They havent updated their Code since Xbox was released, so no, they still didnt updated anything .. ^^

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    Does Fanatec team know if LEDs will work on Xbox Series X ?

    That would be a shame if LEDs still do not work on a New console generation.

  • I disagree. I just returned my thrustmaster gear, brand new, for other reasons. With that setup and their F1 wheel, the rotary wheels worked perfectly. I can only assume that this issue is on the fanatec side of the programming.

  • I don't belive this to be true. My brand new thrustmaster F1 wheel rotary wheels worked. I returned it for other reasons and made the jump to fanatec

  • But it is true.

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    I don’t agree with this (any more).

    Every time this question gets asked to Fanatec/ Codies we get the ‘Microsoft limits mapping to that of it’s controller inputs’ response. 

    While this probably was true, this is no longer the case. See below...

    I had a Logitech G923 (recently upgraded to Fanatec) and All (you read that right) - ALL button/dial inputs and Rev lights on that G923 wheel ARE SUPPORTED in Assetto Corsa Competizione on a normal XBOX ONE - SO THERE CLEARLY IS A WAY to get most buttons on other wheels working...

    Demonstrably, the above is allowing mappings well beyond the number of standard controller inputs, rendering that old chestnut; ‘Microsoft limits mapping to that of it’s controller inputs’ as null and void - at least in my mind.  

    I’m by no means a software development expert (and please correct me if you DO KNOW), but I assume this was achieved via Microsoft OK’ing, and ACC game developers then using, the new Logitech SDK to support Trueforce.

    If Logitech can do it, I’m sure there’s a way for Fanatec/ Codies to do it.

  • It's still fully up to Microsoft to implement the Fanatec SDK properly to support the features. Which they still did not do. So it's still valid that you have to contact Microsoft, not Fanatec.

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    Fair enough, and I fully accept that Microsoft may be the bottleneck here. However that is not what we are being told - specifically that buttons can only be mapped to XBOX controller inputs, which the above proves is not the case.

    I also accept that Fanatec may not know what has been achieved by other wheel manufacturers - this information can be used to leverage Microsoft.

    It is my hope that the advancements of Logitech will filter through to other wheel brands (such as Fanatec). Clearly there is some way to get it done.

  • Perhaps the route here is one of progression: instead of trying to get everything on the wheel supported in one go, perhaps it can be started with a few more buttons and dials.

    For example, I have the Clubsport formula wheel, to get parity with that Logitech G923;

    • Get the left shoulder buttons supported and maybe one dial
    • Then the Rev lights

    That would placate some of the Fanatec Xbox community while the Dev for the rest is worked on.

    As I say, I’m no expert, but if Logitech can do it, I’m sure there is a way.

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    Maurice, may I ask you; are you someone “in the know” when it comes to all this SDK business? And do you represent Fanatec with a level of authority?

    If so, can you kindly confirm (or correct me on) the below;

    • Is there a Fanatec developed SDK in existence? I’m hearing one was not developed and therefore the native Xbox SDK is being used (which will explain why Fanatec wheel inputs are limited to that of a standard Xbox controller).
    • You say it’s up to Microsoft to implement the Fanatec SDK. If there is a Fanatec developed SDK, I assume it was produced in line with any and all Xbox provided guidelines/ standards. If so what is the reason for Xbox not approving the SDK - surely some reasoning was given?
    • If the existing Fanatec SDK is unlikely to be approved, Xbox also supports the use of their elite controller and keyboards. Could these connections somehow be used as the basis of the SDK to increase the chances of success?
    • Is it possible to (in the short term, and will minimal effort) get some additional functionality supported, while other functions are still being developed. If the likelihood of full wheel support on Xbox is improbable, and this is an option, then surely this is the only way forward?

    I am trying to get clarity on the process and issues with this SDK - I think this clarity and transparency is much needed as many are frustrated about what specifically is going on with Xbox support.

    I (and many others) will certainly appreciate your attention, knowledge and responses to the above.

  • Armin HabermannArmin Habermann Member, Administrator

    Hi Monik,

    is there any video out there showing that those Logitech G923 LEDs actually work on Xbox One? I have seen nothing like this before?

    That all buttons work does not mean that much as the G923 has less buttons than most Fanatec wheels and I would expect that there is still a total button count limit on the Xbox One which the Logi wheel might not exceed.

    Thank you!

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    Hello Armin, 

    I’m sorry I don’t - should have taken a video of it all working when I owned the G923. However, the screenshot below is from the codemaster forum where it is confirmed by some kind of Logitech representative (https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/59231-logitech-g923-button-support-for-f1-201920-on-xbox/). Logitech developed the SDK, and GRID and ACC game devs have used it on Xbox (scroll to the bottom to see supported games here: https://www.logitechg.com/en-gb/products/driving/g923-trueforce-sim-racing-wheel.html). I also know this because bought both GRID and ACC games on my Xbox to check. I can confirm the revleds (and the Trueforce functions) work in both those games, but the extra buttons and dial only work on ACC (as the game devs made use of them).

    I think you might be missing some critical considerations with your comment about supported button numbers i.e. it works because G923 has a low button count that falls below some kind of maximum input “threshold”. I think it means a lot, especially to those affected, for two reasons;

    1. Fanatec have stated to me (and I know to many others, because it’s all that gets said on forums on the subject) that the hard limit for wheel button support is the same number of inputs as a Xbox controller - we can only take this at face value. If this is correct, the fact that G923 being supported above this value (not even considering the revleds or dial) is a  breakthrough for anyone who has been told this statement - it invalidates it. Although I do accept the statement may hold true if Fanatec have not developed a SDK, or if the SDK is in development but not approved (but then they should also say that).
    2. If there is some kind of higher button limit like you are suggesting, then why is it a smaller number of buttons are supported by the Formula v2 when compared to the G923, on Xbox - surely Fanatec would have made use of the maximum button count you mention? You can bet your house that 99.99% of Formula v2 Xbox users would gladly take some increase on inputs than what they get now (we are sim racers rafter all and inputs matter), and would be over the moon if the same level of functionality as the G923 could be achieved on our Formula v2 wheels (that equates to 5 extra buttons, revleds and the rotary dial - which when taken in total, is a good number of inputs and adequate for most racing games).

    Something about this situation is not adding up and I feel (as many others do), that Fanatec should come out and tell us exactly what the situation is, what the problems are, and what needs to be done to get it working. We are all adults, and we do not expect miracles, but some transparency would be a nice place to start.

  • Thanks Monik,

    I hope fanatec Dev could see your message and reply.

  • You’re welcome. Something does not feel right to me about all this.

    The more people that know and the more people that say something to Fanatec, the better!

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