F1 2020 settings and setting up wheel

Hi could someone please help me out just have installed all my equipment and currently have the csw2.5 and the v3 pedals F1 2020 wheel and BMW M3 wheel. How do I setup through fanalab so when my F1 wheel is on it will default settings for F1 2020 and when my M3 wheel is on it will change settings for each game like ACC, iracing and dirt2.0 i am changing the settings as recommended by the Fanatec website but it doesn’t seem to be changing for each game, do I need save each profile and how do I do that.

Thank you


  • What you want is not possible with FanaLab.

    You should watch some FanaLab tutorial videos to know what FanaLab can do - and what not.

    Short: Yes, you have to save a profile for each game, which then can auto-load when the game starts.

    Also, F1 2020 is currently not supported in FanaLab.

  • So when Fanatec suggest recommended settings is this for in game or fanalab.

  • Tuning Menu and in Game.

  • So through the wheel. Also if I code one setting for the F1 wheel for F1 and I change to the BMW wheel can I set different profiles for different games so for example setting 1 for ACC setting 2 for Dirt 2.0 etc and then just select them when I load up the game.

  • yes you can do that. Or let FanaLab load the profile automatically when you start a game.

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