Order stuck with available dates in the past

order number 1085240

I ordered the podium dd1 base, Csl P1 wheel and csl elite peddals on the 19th of may. my order still says order in process and the available dates are stuck on 26 june in my orders screen. I asked Fanatec if they expect any delay in processing my order which initially was pre order for the 22nd june and they replied to say they do not expect a delay and my order would be processed and shiped on the 22nd, This is now the 7 july and my order hasnt changed.

worse than this is I have now realised that the P1 wheel will be restricted in torque on a podium wheelbase I missed this in the description, so I am very close to cancelling the hole order and have a rethink about what to do next as the website looks like the wheel is now out of stock untill the 14 of april and i dont even what the wheel now. is there anyway of exchanging this wheel as it has not been processed to a podium wheel I can pay the difference.

any response or advice welcome i seem to be getting no response from support having emailed them.

friday is the cut off point for me if the order is not processed by then Ill be forced to cancel because hearing nothing is very frustrating.


  • There is no way to change the order. What that base/wheel combo, you should cancel the whole order and place a new one.

    If you order only in-stock items, you will probably get it shipped very quickly.

  • As a short term I would potentially be ok with putting up with the reduced torque for the sake of actually getting my order as I have been waiting since May im not a fan of cancelling the order to then wait on a refund to then place another order and wait a further couple of months. I think the options are cancel and look else ware. or Fanatec acknowledge my order and give me some kind of response and to why my items have all been in and back out and back in stock and now back out of stock and still no change on my order. I have seen on social media that other people have placed orders for the same items WEEKS after me and received their orders from the UK so why am i still waiting.

  • Also If fanatec could ship the in stock Items I.e The Podium dd1 base and the Peddals and allow me to cancel the Wheel this would change my mind about cancelling the entire order as it seems the wheel is the latest holdup. but Ive had no response from them despite several emails.

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Jamie, according to our system, the last message is from us, sent on June 18th. There are no messages from you since then.

    As Jeffrey says, it's not possible to cancel a part of an order. If you wish to change something, then you must cancel the full order (if you still have the option to do so in your Fanatec account) and place a new order.

    If the option is no longer there, or you don't wish to cancel the full order, then please hang on and I'm sure your order will ship soon (if it hasn't already). The sales team are working flat-out to resolve these 'stuck' orders as quickly as possible.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • HI Dominic

    I have sent 2 emails since then, One requesting my order be dispatched as items become available as it seems that it keeps getting put on hold untill on item comes back in stock then another item goes out of stock before the first item becomes available and the hole order isnt in stock at the same time. as I said ive confirmed with many other people on social media that have ordered all of the items separately after i purchased them and they have received theirs. can I request again that as items in my order become available they are shipped as they dont even seem to be in stock at the same time.

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    I have sent you a PM.

  • Dominic

    I am having the same issue with my availability dating being stuck in the past. I have sent two emails myself and have not received any response on them. Order# 1099772

  • Same here...

    Order number: 1087316

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