DD1 base has not made the thread in one of the holes for the screw. What can i do?

Hello, really i am Mario Poley (the customer who had problems with the order last days, order 1014347), but the CM ban me and I have had to sign in with another account because although I have received the DD1 base, it has problems. I have to say that when i opened the boxes i saw they are wonderful, amazing. Thanks.

I would like CM let me sign in with my real account Mario Poley Lacaixa, thanks.

When Fanatec do bad things I say it, but when Fanatec do good things I have to say too. And I have to say that Fanatec solved my problem and send the products to me very fast. I received it yesterday. But it has a problem.

The DD1 base has a problem and is that one of the holes where the screws that hold the base to the cockpit should go, has not made the thread and does not enter the screw.

you can see pics about the problem below.

It's a shame because I've been waiting for the product for several weeks and now I can't use it now either.

I would need to make several races with my racing team and I don't know what solution they can give me.

Thanks for your attention


  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Please check your email, this matter is already being resolved.

  • Wow i have only good words to explain what fanatec is doing.

    sales department say to me, monday send another base to me.

    now i am very happy with fanatec.


  • This is extreme. I would have asked for money enough to buy a carbide tap and a tap wrench. Can someone measure the hole pattern, please?

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