Order has been processed but not shipped.

Hi I hope someone can please help me as I sent fanatec 4 emails and no response. I ordered the Podium DD1 July 3rd and got a Email July 6th saying order is warehouse processing and will be shipped soon, still have no tracking information or anything and on the my product page it says my order has been processed and they took the money out of my account but no tracking number and anything about it being shipping from FedEx, I hope someone can please help me. Order number 1107600


  • July 6th was yesterday. It may take a couple days to actually move. Be patient.

    The money is deducted as soon as the order is placed, not when it ships.

  • Okay I see my bad, how long did it take for yours to ship? This is my first order with them that's why I was worried

  • Hi i have also ordered an CSL elite F1 bundle ( Order1107208) , got the ''shipped soon'' email July 3rd and since ...nothing, i hope it will be shipped soon

  • Mine finally shipped yesterday and will arrive next Thursday its about time just gotta be patient

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