My order is stuck?!

Hi guys

I made this order on Jun 4th. At that moment all was available except csp v3 with availibility date Jun 26th.

On Jun 25th order status changed to Jun 25th

I send few mails to Fanatec, no answer, no generic mail with info that they will answer in 10 working days

Now I see that CSP V3 is avaiable for order on webshop, but CSL Elite PS4 is out till Aug 14th.

I persume by that time V3 will be sold and my order still be in the same status and I am stuck in loop with it 🀷🏻‍β™‚οΈπŸ€·πŸ»‍β™‚οΈπŸ€·πŸ»‍♂️


  • I am having exactly the same problem. Ordered CSL elite ps4 and v3 pedals on June 8th and the system shows currently that the availability date was on June 25th.

    The wheel lost its availability just few days before the pedals were back in stock, so they must have sent our already paid wheels to someone else when waiting for the pedals to be available again.

  • Yeap, and by the time that wheel be available again pedals will probably be sold 🀷🏻‍♂️

    Now I am considering option to cancel this order and make a new one with CSL Elite F1 Esport wheel and V3 pedals with BP kit, but I already receive code for F1 game from first order... Is it possible to cancel this and make new order? How long I need to wait to receive my money back so I can make a new order? And is this new order will be shipped right away because is all on stock?

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    Me pasó lo mismo que ha vosotros. Me puse en contacto con ellos y me dijeron que tuvieron problemas con el sistema. Me devolvieron el dinero ( 5 días ) y me dijeron que volviera hacer el pedido. Lo hice ayer y hoy me han enviado un correo diciendo que está en fase de empaquetado.

    Pedí CSL Elite Wheel Base, Pedales ClubSport V3 y Volante ClubSport Formula Carbon.

    Espero que os sirva de algo mi experiencia, Saludos

  • Thanks Marc and thanks to google translate 😁

    Well, main problem is that I can't contact anyone from Fanatec

    Secondly, my order was with F1 2020 game (screenshot) which I receive yesterday

    I don't know is it possible to make cancelation after I receive game code?

    If it is possible, I will make new order immediately, I don't have problem waiting few days for money to return, my credit card will survive for few days in minus 😁

  • Well, I make cancelation on first order and immediately make a new one with F1 Esport wheel. Little bit more expencive, but I hope this will be shipped soon and be delivered before my vacation starts 😁

    Wish me luck 🀞

  • I am also considering order cancellation and ordering only v3's again. As I already own a G25 + drivehub combo, I should be good to go with my old wheel and v3-pedals on PS4. Its not what I really wanted but should still be a step forward.

    Quite a disappointing situation, but don't see much other solutions this time as I would like to have a round wheel first and order a Formula wheel later.

    Maybe I will spend my saved 500 euros for a better computer or make a preorder of a PS5.

  • Well, finally some good news from Fanatec.

    I receive mail this morning, my new order from last night is moving πŸ€—

    Still waiting money from canceled order but as I understand it take few days to process

    Thanks guys

  • My new order was shipped this morning. Didn't receive tracking number from Fanatec, but using customer reference number from my invoice on UPS page (Track by reference number) I can see it

    Still waiting money from canceled order

  • I'm also considering canceling and reordering. Curious about the f1 game thing tho

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    Still waiting, but what they can do? Give me my money back minus 1€ for the game? Or not gonna give me my money back because I already receive that game code? Send me my first order no metter they send me second order already?

    I have full understanding of whole situation. I work for 20 years in sales bussines. Mayor mistake that Fanatec made is that they didn't tell their customers: look guys, its shity times, do not make orders unless is avaliable. Make separate orders, it'll cost you more money for shipping, but you'll have your orders when they are available. Simple thing. It'll would be much more easier for customers and for them. Or not sell all avaialbe products before they check all orders (which is in this situation nearly impossible)

    And, before all of this, hire 10x more people to do job with mail answering. Information is everything. You can stop delivering orders but you can't stop be in contact with your customers. Information is everything!

    My first mistake was that I not made seperate order for wheel which was available at that moment and v3 pedals which are not. I contact Fanatec about separate orders and they tell me it is better to make whole order because of warranty. Well, thank you very much, you fucked me for three weeks of waiting and stress for three years 😁

  • Yea going through same right now ordered v3's now it seems i cant cancel my original order with V1's since placing order for upgrade. bunch of BS

  • Few news today

    This morning I receive mails from UPS about delivery for tomorrow

    Hour and a half later...


    Also, money from canceled order is back

    Thank you guys

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