CSW v2.5 Face Mounting

I recently purchased the Xbox compatible bundle with the CSW v2.5 wheelbase only to find that my old wooden cockpit was was not prepared for the power of the CSW v2.5. So I have decided to upgrade my rig to an aluminum extrusion cockpit, however the model I have chosen includes the front face mounting for the wheel base, so as to be somewhat future proof should I choose to go direct drive in the future.

From pictures it looks as though the four cap head screws already present in the wheelbase, that form an X that lines up with the steering axis are the ones that would be used. (Green)

The cockpit manufacturer lists the v2.5 as being compatible with this mounting solution, however before I remove any screws, I would like some information about the thread size and maximum depth, as it will be mounted to a 15mm steel plate, and I would like to have correctly sized screws with which to secure it.

Also do those screws that come in the wheelbase(Green), serve any other purpose? Are they holding something on the back side of the face plate that could come loose, upon removal?

I have noted that the quick start guide that comes with the wheelbase outlines 7 screws that are not to be loosened. (Red)


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    The screws marked in red are holding the motor and one of the pulleys that carries the belt. unless I remember incorrectly ( I don't have a csw anylonger, it broke, and as result I bought a DD2 ) the screws marked in green are securing the front plate to some standoffs which again are mounted to the pcb board..... I wouldn't use those for mounting the wheelbase to any rig if it was me, nor the four holes closer to the shaft would I use as they are ment for mounting static shifters, not carrying the weight of a wheelbase.

    Now I don't know which alu profile rig you have your eyes on, but atleast one of the companies out there deliver an alu rig that gives the option for front or bottum mounting

    but please correct me if I am wrong.....

  • Neither of the marked screws can be removed or replaced.

    Front mounting the CSW is NOT officially supported and is not covered under warranty.

    If you still want to front mount, you need to use the 4 holes which you did not marked. Those are normally only for light accessories like the Static Shifter Paddles, but some indeed use these holes to front-mount the CSW...

  • Fair enough, thanks for the input, might have to rethink.

  • @Maurice Böschen I always knew this. Why and how would someone front-mount the CSW. It's asking for problems. I bet it the screws will break after a while due metalfatigue.

  • I fell into the same trap. I bought a GT Omega Prime aluminum profile cockpit and got the front mount for the future when I get a DD wheelbase. I currently have a CSW V2.5 and thought it would be fun to mount it in the front just because it says it's compatible. Now that I actually look at the kit, I can't even picture how it would ever work. Yea, the mounting plate may have the right bolt pattern (whether those bolts are for mounting or not) but where is the entire base supposed to fit. I'll try to post some pics of what mine looks like exactly. It just makes no sense and I clearly bought the wrong thing and need to return it. I don't even think it will work with anything other than a Simucube, which I have no intention of converting to. These companies sell some cool stuff, but given that there's only a few actual manufacturers, the retailer's job should be to make clear to consumers what they need, what works with what, etc. At this point, the industry seems to do the opposite. Nothing can be done based on instruction manuals or websites. It seems like without Youtube, you never really have the right and complete information. So yea, this is going back.

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