DD1 keeps shutting down USB card

So I've got a DD1 a week ago and keeps shutting down my whole USB card witch everything in it everytime I'm changing settings on PC controller or fanalabs and sometimes even when I'm driving, which is pretty anoying. After it happens, only thing to get it back to normal is to restart PC. I've already tried several USB ports (on the back of the PC and also on the front), no change. Is it a problem with my USB cards or is it DD1 problem? I've got driver 346 and base firmware 662, BMW GT2 wheel. Thank you for your answers


  • hmm, can you try a different USB cable?

    It kind of sounds like it could be a power problem, but USB typically doesn't draw much power.

  • I've had some weirdness when connecting my DD2 to USB 3 or 3.1 ports. It seems most reliable when using good old USB2.0.

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