Order placed two weeks ago, still no sign, this is getting a bit ridiculous now.....

Two weeks ago (4/11/19) I placed an order on the website. (Order No. 1015195) I still have no indication as to when I will receive the goods that I have ordered. I contacted the webshop on 8/11 and received a prompt but generic response regarding problems caused by the website changeover. I left it at that and decided to contact the webshop again if I received no further communication within a week. By last Friday morning (15/11) I had not received any further communication, so I emailed the webshop again. I thus far haven't received a response.

As a first time Fanatec customer I find this whole situation very disappointing. I would like to receive the goods I have ordered, but I'm not going to spend much longer waiting for them. Two weeks is more than enough time to have sorted this problem out, especially given that customers who placed their orders after the changeover have reported on this forum that they have received their orders already. I have lodged a Paypal dispute, and if this matter is not resolved in a timely manner I will not hesitate to escalate the dispute to a claim to get my money back.


  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Ivan, I am told that your order will ship tomorrow. You should receive a confirmation soon.

  • I heard from the webshop today, they have informed me that the order will be shipped Tomorrow. Thanks for your help, Dominic. I appreciate it.👍

  • On Tuesday (19/11), I was informed on this forum that my order would be shipped on Wednesday.  Yesterday (Wednesday, 20/11) I was informed by one of your webshop representatives that the order would be shipped today (Thursday, 21/11).  I still have not received shipping confirmation and the order is still in process.

    This is totally unacceptable. I do not appreciate being messed around like this, especially when a large sum of money is at stake. I will give this company ONE more chance but be advised that the dispute that I have raised with Paypal is still open and if I do not receive shipping confirmation by lunchtime tomorrow (Friday 22/11) I will escalate to a claim.

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