New website behaviour

Hi, I'm trying to place an orden in the USA, I login with my account, select a product and first, there is no dollar sign $, it shows €. Then when I want to checkout it asks for my login (I was already logged in) and I can't log in, it keeps saying "Your access data could not be assigned to a user"

so how on earth do I place an order?



  • Are you logged in to the correct region shop? € should only be shown in the EU Webshop. To access the US Webshop you need to manually change the region.

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    yeah I'm on

    Oh, now it works! wtf!

    wel, it's working now, hopefully I can make my order (or I'd rather wait for Black Friday)

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    Oh I know what it is, I want to purchase the Podium hub and it seems to be not available on the US website, that's why it's getting me to the shop in Europe, damn it!

    so, website is kinda silly, if you are in the US don't just take you to the Europe shop or at least give some extra info

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    @Leonardo Ratafia thanks for your feedback, the region behaviour is something we want to improve.

  • thanks for reply, it seems to be working better now, at least I could add the Podium Hub now.

    keep working hard!


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