CSL Elite Wheelbase + symptom question

Is this considered as normal behaviour for the wheelbase? Is anyone else's unit doing this?

This shaking is always present regardless of motor-/wheel firmware, FFB resistance/strength, or wheter it's connected to PS4 or PC... But the stronger the FFB is the more violently it shakes. Note: there's no resistance when connected to PC.


  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Yes that is normal, it's the way the simulated lock stop works. The behaviour could also change depending on how much damping is applied, e.g. lower DRI (Drift Mode) values will reduce the amount of 'bouncing' due to the added damper, or if there are other damping effects being applied by a game. If you increase the 'SEN' value to max, then it won't behave like this because you'll reach the physical lock stop of the steering mechanism rather than one simulated by the motor*. In most racing sims, it is not necessary to run a SEN value lower than max, because the in-game calibration applies appropriate locks per car.

    *this does not apply to Podium wheel bases, because direct drive bases do not have a mechanical end stop.

  • Ok thanks for the reply.

    But it does shake at the physical stop as well, both with "SEN" set to "AUT or max 108"...

    DRI from -2 to -5 made almost no difference.

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Yes there is still going to be a degree of motor influence at the physical stop, particularly if you hold it lightly. But if you rotate all the way to the end with a reasonable amount of force and hold it there, it will not feel the same compared to holding the wheel against the simulated stop at lower SEN values.

  • Got it!

    I was worried that this mild "bouncing" would influence subtle FFB details in normal driving...

    Good to hear that it's normal.


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