Universal Hub for Xbox One question

I have my CSL Elite v1.0 with Xbox One universal hub hooked up to my PC. When I go into the Fanatec wheel properties app to check the button functions, I notice that pressing some buttons on the face of the hub registers as a different button on the control box on top. For example, I'll press the "Y" button and in the app it will light up the Y button I'm pressing but on the box on top it will light up something else (not the Y button). Is this normal? It makes me think something is not wired correctly. Thanks


  • Can someone with the Universal Hub please go into the Fanatec Wheel Property Page and tell me if the buttons on the wheel correspond to the same buttons on the control box on top? For instance, when I press the "RT" button on the wheel it triggers the "B" button on the box. Thanks.

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