Has my order been shipped ?

Dear Fanatec,

I ordered a CSL Elite PS4 F1 Set bundle on tuesday 7/07 (it is available on the website so not concerned about the bundles shorting in the EU), it was confirmed and then I received the email "Your Fanatec will be shipped soon" saying it changed to warehouse processing and that I will receive a tracking number. Shortly after, the website status of my order changed to "The order has been processed" so I assume It was shipped.

The thing is it is now more than 48h since my order has been declared as processed, and I still haven't received any information about tracking or shipment.

I see in the discussions that a lot of people encounter long delays, but they mostly are in America while I'm in France (so I expect the delivery delays to be shorter).

My order number is : 1108927

Thank you for your time

Arthur B


  • Bonjour Arthur,

    There are a lot of customers in the Fanatec owners FB page and also a lot of members in this forum that they have received their stuff even without getting a tracking number.

    Give them a bit of time and also Dominic that is the Community manager of this forum, might see your post and try to help you with more info.

  • Oh okay I see, thank you for these explanations !

    Yes I'm sure they do their best to deal with the current situation, I just thought there was a problem but if its usual I'm not worried anymore :)

    Merci et bonne journée ! ✌️

  • Have you got an invoice? If so you can find your parcel on UPS tracking page if you put your customer number as a reference information. Or you can create UPS account with the same email you have in fanatec and you will see the parcels there too. My parcel was processed in the morning, in UPS it was visible in the afternoon, but I’ve never received any email from UPS with tracking info

  • Ah yes man thats working great ! It should be delivered today 😃

    Thank you for the advice

  • I got an invoice with customer Number but can see it on UPS does some one help is the Second email I have sent no tracking number untill now, jesus this Company flow is difficult they dont look like any other german company every time I order from German companies everything goês fine with Fanatec is a Problem with emails and tracking numbers and ordens a true nightmare.

  • Yes I had the same problem. You have to go to the UPS website and then track an order, but on the tracking page do not enter your customer reference number in the main tracking field. Rather check on the right and click on "Track by reference number" then you can enter your customer number (the one from the Fanatec invoice).

    Then you should get the info !

  • Same problem here, no tracking info but thanks Jacek for the tip of searching under account number. By the way I think I recognise your name from the Mazda Cup in Iracing.

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    Thank you guys, mine was shipped to, it should arrive on next thursday

    Two days ago iI was cancel old order with csl elite and make new order with csl elite with f1 rim

    Tonight is beer night, a lot of beer to get rid off all this stress 😁

    Cheers guys and good luck 🍻🍻🍻

  • Nice ! thats great ! Happy it could help as well 🙂

    Yeah the F1 rim looks so good, can't wait to try it !

    Have a good one mate 🍻

  • Thanks mate 🍻

    F1 rim was not my first choice, actually, not even thinking about him, but my vacation is near and I am sick of all this ordering/delivering stress and just want to finish my new diy rig and start driving

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