Wheel Freeze F1 podium DD1 bundle

Hi, has anyone found a fix yet for the wheel freezes on the f1 DD1 wheels? My OLED screen either gets stuck on whatever gear I’m in or goes to the F logo and none of the shifters/buttons work. Yet I still have ffb, wheel still turns and pedals still work?

im on driver 365 with all firmware up to date.


  • Try the test firmwares Marcel posted in the driver 365 feedback thread on page 20, this should fix freezing issues.

    Other than that there is no solution other than going back to driver 346 and included firmwares.

  • Thanks for the reply I’ll give that a go tonight, fingers crossed it sorts it! I’m guessing this is a known software issue? Are people having these issues with the BMW gt wheel as I’m thinking of buying that?

  • Same issues starting happening to my Podium F1 PS4 Edition as well, both on drivers 346 & 365 with test firmwares. I submitted a support ticket today after trying everything aside from physically manipulating the hardware/pins as others have suggested.

    Are there any updates as to what is actually going on here? Currently, my wheel is completely unusable due to this issue happening so frequently and ruining races for myself and others. I love all of my Fanatec gear, and the community, but this is beyond frustrating considering the price point of this hardware.

    Please advise!

  • What is this hardware/pins manipulating you guys are talking about here? I'm having a lot of freeze issues myself.. I'm not sure what causes it, and I've made a forum post about it too. Pins are perfectly fine with my set.

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