No copy of F1 2020 with my new F1 2020 Limited Edition Wheel :-(

So I've received my F1 2020 wheel, but not the F1 2020 game I ordered with it. Having waited a while after wrongly concluded I'd be getting an email with details of how to obtain my game, I finally tried to contact Fanatec custom support to see when the game would be coming.

This was no easy feat and after trying for hours to get though to customer service in the phone as they don't seem to answer emails, they told me I never ordered the £1 copy for PC and there's nothing they can do. But, I'm certain I ticked the box for a PC copy when ordering my wheel.

I'm hugely disappointed given what I've spent on the Wheel, a DD01 wheelbase and V3 pedals. Now I have to fork out for the F1 2020 game myself!

Anyone else had this treatment?

Fanatec, ruining your relationship with new customer over a £/$/€ 1 item, that should have been included by default, isn't clever.


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    Looks like you maybe forgot to add the game to the basket after you have selected it. Else you should be able to proof that you have payed the extra 1 pound for the game. But if you did not pay anything for the game it's hard to proof who made the mistake.

    I had no problems and the game showed up in my cart and also shows in my order in combination with the wheel I ordered. I also received an email when the key was available. In the end I payed €450.95 ex shipping instead of the €449.95 for only the wheel.

  • Fanatec is usually really good with customer service and responds within 24hrs (I've been using their wheels since 2017), The 3-4 day delayed responses really are because their customer base doubled within 2 months. I think it would have delayed shipping the backordered wheels if they had to go try and get more game keys. If theyre taking a long time to get back to you and you don't want to wait there are alot of people selling their digital keys for 50% off on this forum, facebook, and So you can still get one for like $30...better than them deciding to price gouge new customers imo.

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    Thanks Armann, I appreciate that Fanatec may be struggling with their new found popularity, however after waiting over a week for a response to a question about my order, which I had emailed and submitted though the website contact form, I had no choice but to try phoning them. To do this you have to phone a number in Germany, pay for the call because they answer it, select 1 for sales and then wait a minute or two to be cut-off with a message that says to use the website or email. You then have to repeat this process maybe 20 times after which you might get through, if you're lucky. Why no call queue?

    My problem is not that all the keys were sold out, I chose the key I wanted and added it to my order. I just never received it and Fanatec asset I didn't do this.

    This is a premium product. Spend some of the extra revenue from all the new customers on a few more customer service agents.

  • After buying into the Fanatec Eco system.... A wheel base, pedals ( inc load cell break) , shifter two club sports wheels I too had the same result! I received an email today saying that it was a promo thing and they won’t be getting any more games in. Zero effort in helping out. The gear is good but it seems anything beyond the basic stuff is too much effort for these guys ( this includes their service) . It’s a bit of a shame they can’t follow through with all areas of their business.

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