Order Upgrade???

On June 4th, I ordered a Clubsport wheelbase 2.5 and a Clubsport BMW GT2 wheel. At that point in time, the expected delivery dates were mid June.

On June 19th, I, like many in here, received an email stating that our orders were going to be delayed and we could either leave them as is, choose to have things delivered in separate shipments as they arrived, or cancel. At that time, I chose to just leave as is... I didn't see much point in getting a wheel base without having the wheel and vice-versa.

Now, I'm seeing that people are receiving their CSW 2.5's and my order is still on hold... and it looks like it is likely the BMW wheel that is holding it up because that is showing not available until end of August.

Looking at the Fanatec website, I see that the Podium R300 wheels are in stock and I do think I'd like the magnetic paddle modules. It looks like I'd lose some buttons on the wheel itself, but overall the Podium is the better set up. I would like to upgrade, but will that then push my wheelbase order back to the bottom of the list?

I emailed them to see if I could upgrade my order... I wonder when and if I'll get a response.


  • OK... so I cancelled my original order and placed a new one with same wheelbase and the podium wheel... Hopefully I get it sometime soon.

  • Is there someone at Fanatec that can help me out?

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