Will Fanatec Wheels connect to Android Devices? I am running Shadow PC off of my s10+

Hello Fanatec Community.Thank you for taking the time to review this post. I am running a cloud PC called Shadow to play games off of my Galaxy s10+. I connect my device to an OTG dongle, plug it into ethernet, and use Samsung Dex like a normal computer. I was sim racing between the age of 8 and 23, until I stopped for about 7 years. After seeing how fluent iRacing, f1 2019, and Nascar Heat 5 are using the cloud PC, I feel confident that I could race with no lag. The response times using a gamepad are identitcal to being connected to a console or PC. Its insane but it works. After this discovery, I want to commit to the best wheel I can afford and get back into sim racing. What intsall process is needed to connect fanatec wheels to a computer? Will my Adndroid automatically read the devices when plugged into the otg dongle? I am curious because there has to be people who are doing this, or have tried. Thank you for reading this. I am eager to hear what the community has to say

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