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  • Hi Gary,

    yes this makes total sense to me since I'm perfectly fine with my CSL PS4 base and I'm not willing to spend 1600/1200 € to upgrade to DD + 650 more € for the wheel.. but i'd spend a fraction ( about 1/3 of it) of the money to buy this wheel which I'm pretty sure could work perfectly fine with my CSL base with some code work from the devs..

    Do I make a point here?

  • Black Friday 2019.

    Our Black Friday offers will be revealed on Monday, stay tuned! We can’t wait to show you more!

    Can't wait to see this years offers.

  • They were revealed two hours ago on their Facebook and Twitter.

  • Can you give us any update when the full support for the CSW2.5 will come?

    I am planning to buy this wheel as soon it has full support, but i am really hold off for now unfortunately.

    Even the porsche "clubsport" edition isn't supported for now..........

    I think Fanatec would have much more items sold if it was supported from day one.........just my two cents. 😉

  • The Podium Button Module Endurance looks great. I have a few questions if I may?

    1. If using with the Xbox Universal Hub, do some of the buttons on the front of the module perform xbox functions, e.g. funky switch (xbox logo button), double squares, etc? It look like the module covers some of the buttons on the top of the universal hub including the double squares button which are needed to switch modes and the xbox button boxes would no longer fit with the module.
    2. What bolt length is recommended for attaching a rim with the hub and module - 25mm? 30mm?
    3. Why is the Module not compatible with the R330 rim? Is it only the 911and R300?

    Thank you

  • 1. Yes the Button Module uses the same buttons, you don't need the UHX buttons at all. The button module also has the D-Pad.

    2. There are screws included in 25mm length

    3. Because the spikes of the rim would collide with some buttons

  • Great, thank you!

  • Hello Maurice, i see you are replying a lot on this forum and on Facebook.

    Are you a Fanatec employee to know all this so sure?

  • I have a question regarding this new porsche wheel..

    If I purchase this as a bundle ( the podium version that is ) does it come pre asembled or is it a diy kind of thing, not that I mind, just curious, and does it come with both F1 and GT types of paddles for the shifters??

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    It's a DIY Kit, you get 4 separate packages. Therefore I think yes it comes also with F1 style Paddle plates, but not sure.

  • Benjamin KusBenjamin Kus Member
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    Can Fanatec comment on the quality of the labels? are they just clear stickers with printed text? or are they printed on the button box like the rest of yellow & red colouring?

    Or if they are not pre-stuck to the wheel? I see one of the features listed as "Customisable button labels (sticker set included)". Is this for the button caps, or is it in fact these stickers are not attached when you receive the button box?

    In the Fanatec release video, it actually shows the High Beam label lifting up on the corner. (I am cursed with fussy eagle eyes. Buying a laptop is painful & usually takes me 3-4 boxes to find one without dead pixels)

    In the demonstration it shows that you can read the High Beam text, though it is from a slightly higher viewing angle:

    But on the website homepage, it shows that part of the text is possibly under the Porsche rim, from a fairly front/straight on angle. I understand the text is probably moved due to the position of the tuning menu button:

    I am curious how other wheels would line up (R300 / R330)?

    Suede (or is it Alcantara) VS Leather

    Lastly, how does the Porsche suede compare to the F1 2018 LE Alcantara or the ClubSport Steering Wheel GT's Suede?

    I like the feel of Alcantara, but don't like how the ClubSport Steering Wheel GT Suede has worn in less than 6 months of usage with gloves. My F1 2018 LE though still looks fine, but feels finer than the ClubSport Steering Wheel GT.

    I notice the Porsche says Suede, and not Alcantara?

  • The button labeling are all just stickers.

    Suede will always worn out heavily and it is recommended to use gloves when using a suede wheel but it will still worn out, that's the nature of suede. And yes it's correct that the Porsche uses Suede, not Alcantara.

  • Thanks. Do the stickers come pre-positioned on the button box with spares? Or does the button box come naked with the use needing to stick them all on?

    So to confirm, the Suede will not feel like the F1 2018 LE wheel, but is a higher grade Suede than the ClubSport Steering Wheel GT?

  • The stickers will come separately, the box is "naked". Only the yellow and red parts are printed directly into the button module.

    Every suede will worn out over time, don't know about quality but suede will always worn out and that's the reason why I personally don't like suede in general and MUCH prefer the smooth leather Version ^^

  • Thanks, I was leaning towards the smooth leather.

    I unfortunately just bought 2 weeks ago the ClubSport Steering Wheel GT Forza to replace the warn ClubSport Steering Wheel GT, thinking that even if the Porsche is announced soon that it wont be until May 2020 it will be shipped.

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    The Porsche Rim is already in Stock with immediate delivery. Only the Button Module Endurance will be released in 2 1/2 weeks.

  • Yes I work for Fanatec as Affiliate Manager and I am also a regular Betatester for several years, therefore I might know a bit more than someone else... ;)

  • Thank you Thomas and Fanatec team for this beautiful wheel I am looking forward to the time of shipment and also a podium pedals 😁😁

  • The Podium Steering Wheel Porsche 911 GT3 R wheel can be ordered in either Suede or Leather that are 32 cm wheels.


    The Podium Button Module Endurance 


    which is a component of the Porsche 911 GT3 R wheel states that it is compatible with the R300 wheel rims. The R300 wheel rim is 2 cm narrower and 50 grams lighter than the Porsche 911 GT3 R wheels.

    Could you please provide a picture of the R300 mounted to the Podium Steering Wheel Porsche 911 GT3 R as a replacement? Of interest are the APM and Podium Button Module Endurance clearances.

    Thank you.

  • With a better quick release I would buy this beautifull steering wheel immidiately with DD1/2 ( my public promise), but after Barry's review and others videos on youtube I am simply too afraid of the unwanted QR flex. Barry said in his video around 6:30 it is characteristics of the fanatec QR :( . Someone in this forum also said that fanatec support consider this flex as normal, although in product description there is "Automotive grade Quick Release system with rubber dampener for zero flex and movement between the steering wheel and wheel base". No flex in only rotational axis for around 2000 euro is not enough. I have less flex in old plastic Logitech DFGT than what I have seen in his review. I have seen few comments that even with silicon grease, it is still difficult to remove steering wheel. I like your DD plug and play ability, how nice your products look, but QR is simply blocking issue for me.

    Thomas introduce a new sturdy QR for DD bases in early 2020, please. (At least give us some hope :D )

  • Date available has changed to 20 December. Is that for new orders or all orders?

  • I fear it will be all orders. We will know for sure tomorrow. 20 December is the Friday before Christmas so with weekends and holidays I don't think anyone will be receiving wheels until well into January.

  • This is my fear. I have work as the delivery address and we shut down between Christmas and New Year. Stellar communication from Fanatec again!

  • I still hope for delivery on the 16th so we can have our wheels at the end of next week. 😫

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