Putting Together a Package.

Ok so this will be my 1st time purchasing Fanatec products and I'm putting together a package. The setup configurer isn't doing it for me though. Perhaps I'm just missing something. I did my research and this setup should work. I just wanted to make sure before I go ahead and buy. Setup: CSL Elite Wheel Base PS4, Clubsport Universal hub Xbox One /w clubsport GT Forza wheel, Clubsport Pedals V.3 and clubsport shifter SQ v1.5. I would like my setup to work for Xbox, PS and PC. Am I good here or did I overlook something? Thanks in advance!


  • You are good to go with that. :-) Only thing you may want to add is a handbrake if you plan to do any rally driving or drifting.


  • im not sure u need the xbox uni hub, at least to be compatible on all 3 systems. All rims are pc/xb1 compatible, i think the only exception is the new Porsche one on the podium hub architecture.

    you will need to clarify will a tech, but even the new might work ,but in a lagacy mode (limited info based info from base)

    i have used my csl elite and dd1 on both iracing and ps4.

    right, so u can map a handbrake, so ignore that, but what u cannot map is a loadcell.

    So the utilize the native loadcell and control over it.

    if you dont think the native loadcell is the magic bullet, read about logitech and thrustmaster loadcell kits their calibration and adjustment.

    the only system which needs a specific base is the ps4.

    as far as i know

  • The only Xbox compatible steering wheels are the ClubSport Formula v2, CSL Elite P1, CSL Elite McLaren and the ClubSport Universal Hub. To be able to race on Xbox you need one of these 3 wheels or the Universal Hub.

  • i would go back and get some posts , videos and emails on this subject being contradictory of itself from fanatec, its staff and moderators here, but you guys at fanatec are English majors and prove it regularly.

    which is why this subject is popping up over and over.

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    so a McClaren works on both, or they are all ps4 ready, or if i have a ps4 base and a McClaren am i everything ready?

  • 🤦‍♂️

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    That video should explain it all.

    PS4 compatibility comes through the base - so every Fanatec Steering wheel automatically becomes PS4 compatible when connected to a PS4 compatible Wheel Base which is the CSL Elite Wheel Base+ and the Podium PS4 Racing Wheel.

    Xbox compatibility comes through the steering wheel - so every Fanatec Base automatically becomes Xbox compatible when a Xbox compatible steering wheel is connected which are the CSL Elite McLaren, CSL Elite P1, ClubSport Formula v2 and the ClubSport Universal Hub.

    All Bases and steering wheels are PC compatible.

    So yes, Attaching a CSL Elite McLaren Wheel to the CSL Elite PS4 bases makes it compatible with PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

  • Get the Brake performance kit as well, it makes a big difference in my opinion. Also there is a black Friday deal that includes it.

  • Wow thank you everyone for the replies. I was pretty sure that my setup was correct but I just wanted to make sure before purchasing. As for the handbrake I was going to pick that up later and map it to a button for the time being. I had considered picking up an xbox wheel. That would save me a few bucks. However I do like the idea of being able to mount any wheel to the hub. Also I'm not one for F1 driving so not getting that wheel. I had the performance pack added to the brakes just forgot to list it. Again thank you for the replies and happy driving!

  • Just a quick update. Shortly after my last post I went ahead and ordered my equipment. I got confirmation email, an email that everything was shipped and an email that everything was on the truck to my home. In less than 48 hours Fanatec had processed my order and delivered it to me. Very happy with my purchase and will recommend Fanatec to anyone who's considering a purchase. 5 stars! Everything looks great too. Tomorrow I get my race chair lol!

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