Another order status / separate shipping post

Just wondering if responses from support are getting better for anyone. My order seems a lot more recent that many on here (order 1104040, placed on June 26th).

Trying to figure out if I'm victim to the pre-order issue or if I can somehow get things shipped separately. Have tried to contact support a few times without success.


  • Unfortunately i was trying to accomplish the same thing did not hear a response over 4 weeks, but as soon as i mentioned canceling my order they partially processed it and can no longer cancel all products still show original date of Aug,7th. Who really knows their logic or reason to keep their customers in the dark. Good luck and i like the term victim when it comes to this matter.

  • Just an update for those looking. I received an email today stating my order was being processed. I ordered a DD1 bundle with the formula V2 rim and podium shifters.

    Might be good news if people have ordered the same items. The original order was a pre order bundle available July 24th. I'm not sure if they shipped everything or just the DD1.

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