Formula V2 Wheel English/German?

I noticed under the steering wheel section on the store, that the Formula V2 wheel was available. I was excited because I've been wanting this wheel for a while, and may have ordered it a little quickly. My concern is that I noticed that some of the compatibility information and even the title of the page was written in German. I confirmed that my region was correctly set to English and USA/Canada, but even after this the page still shows German. Hopefully this means that the wheel is actually available in the US, and not that it's available in Germany. If someone at the Fanatec company could let me know if this is just an issue with the language display on the page, I would greatly appreciate it.


  • I'm sitting in the same boat. Ordered the universal hub and GT Alcantara wheel. Ordered July 4th. Shows German on my US page. Shows as available however no shipping information has been sent.

  • Wow great catch Phillip! I placed my order on June 24 for the V2 and a few other items - all of them have preorder availability dates EXCEPT the V2. Have sent 3 messages to Sales but still no reply.

    Is the Formula V2 Wheel available in the US?

  • Waiting to see as well. I started to order then stopped.

  • I cancelled my previous pre-order this morning that included an SQ shifter, CSW 2.5, and Formula v2. That's now "In Progress" of cancellation.

    I then immediately re-ordered the CSW 2.5 and Formula V2 together since they are available now, apparently. Hoping the German text is just some mistake when updating the store availability. We'll see.

    Worst case, I get refunded for everything and try again, a 3rd time.

  • I ordered. Like you, I’m a pro at the refund thing.

  • I order mine on jun 23 and it doesn't have an availability date next to pre order. Log on today and see it as available on the store page.

  • It is now "sold out". What is going on.

  • It updated :D. It has now been processed and will be shipped soon.Now USPS needs to ditch the horses and get my bits here.

  • I just got my shipping info, it will be here tomorrow, so I guess all is good!

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