Items available on website but I'm still on preorder

A lot of things show ready to ship now on the website now.

I ordered a V2.5 wheel base with the R330 / universal hub package.

If I look up each part individually it is all available but In my account under orders I am still on pre-order July 24th.

If you look at the R330/Hub as a package it still shows pre-order July 24th. But if you purchase each item individually it is available?

What is going on? I been waiting since June 11th and it seems the stuff is available now for new orders?

I knew ahead of time about the delays and been patiently waiting. But dang if its available ship it!!!!


  • I'm in the same boat mate. I never even got / still don't have an availability date for my Formula Wheel V2, yet today it was available to ship and now it's gone to "sold out." I'm betting that all the new orders are getting filled with the new inventory while by preorder is sitting in an abyss somewhere. Oh, also have sent 4 messages to Sales over the last month with no reply.

  • Jumping on this thread in case theres movement. Same boat as you guys and almost the same dates. Crickets from Fanatec too.

  • Same here...

  • Me too ...ordered elite ps4 base, formula v2 wheel and load cell pedal kit. 90% of my order is now available sent like 4 emails to get partial shipping no replies as of yet.

  • Good luck all I’ve had is dates pushed back on my orders. I have emailed but don’t get a confirmation email. I’ve asked on here and no response. I feel like if I get it at some point in my lifetime, I’ll be lucky

  • Update - I cancelled and reordered last night with only items that were available to ship (V2 wheel, CSP2.5, CSL Elite pedals). My original order (and a second order I put through with a different wheel) have both already been refunded.

    As for my new order... got the "Warehouse Processing" email today - 9 hours after placing the order!!!! I placed a second order for the Loadcell Kit since it's still in preorder.

    I'll update again once it's shipped/delivered. This definitely seems like the way to go.

  • I got the warehouse processing email today too.

  • @michael gricunas

    Did you cancel and re-order .

  • OK so this morning I woke up to an email showing that my items are preparing for shipment and I no longer have the option to cancel order. I have a few buddies who also received the same email. So it looks like Fanatec is starting to get caught back up!

    I hope you all get your items soon.

  • When did you place your order? If you dont mind me asking

  • Looks like mid-late June orders are getting processed. I ordered July 4th and haven't gotten any emails as of yet. My items I ordered do however show as available to ship so I'll update if I hear something.

  • @Gregory brutus no - I ordered everything at once and just let it take its course. I ordered June 29th

  • Order placed on June 11th. The dates changed a couple times but nothing drastic. I expected to wait a month and a half or so.

    Then today got the email. Still no tracking number. I hope that comes soon.

    I have a friend who purchased the same thing but the R300 wheel instead a couple weeks ago and he got the email today.

    And I have another friend who just purchased the NASCAR wheel with hub and v2.5 yesterday and he got the email already.

    So it looks like they are catching up.

    IDK about all the road/f1 type wheels. but it seems if ordering a wheel with universal hub they are pretty much available.

  • @Michael Gricunas your very lucky I ordered june 19th. Haven't seen any movement or reply from fanatec. All my excitement turning into frustration

  • @jaren Sanchez that's what I ordered universal hub and GT Alcantara wheel both in stock but no emails yet hopefully soon ordered July 4th

  • I just purchased the CSW 2.5 base with Nascar Wheel Rim and CSW Hub. Got the "warehouse processing" Email this morning. Now on the site the status shows "The order has been processed"

    Crossing fingers for a tracking number soon. :).

  • @Gregory brutus I completely understand the frustration. I have been looking on what feels like a daily basis, as my order was on preorder/out of stock when I originally ordered. I was expecting it to be at the end of July based on the dates the website provided, but hoping for the best. A couple of days ago, the products I ordered showed available on the website, so my optimism increased. Being that they are shipping complete orders, that may be part of the delay if one of your components is not available or on backorder. I still haven't received a tracking number but fingers crossed that will be soon. I am optimistic this too will be soon after seeing the warehouse processing email.

  • Update - Received the tracking notification & number from their US shipping partner in CA tonight.

    Order Placed: 6/14 very early morning

    Order Processed aka "Warehouse Processing": 6/14, 6 hours later

    Tracking number received: 6/14, 8 hours after Warehouse Processing. On track to be delivered on-time with 2 day shipping.

  • I am so confused on how exactly they are priortizing orders.

    I ordered v3 Pedals, CSW 2.5, Clubsport Steering Wheel Carbon on June 6th. Bear in mine all these came in stock around June 30th and none of them were out of stock at the same time. Still nothing, still says my order is being process.

    So confused and frustrated

  • From what I've gathered there was some technical system issue with all preorder items / orders that had preorder items. I'm unclear if this issue has been resolved yet or not. If the gear you want is currently showing as "available" in the store, I'd recommend cancelling your current order (both of my refunds hit bank next day) and placing a new order for the in-stock items.

  • Woke up to an email stating my order is in warehouse processing and will ship soon. Crossing fingers the wait is not too much longer.

  • Yeah seems like that. I would now but all items apart from the Pedals are ready to ship. Just confusing since at one point all of my items were ready to ship at one point

  • Got my "warehouse processing" email this morning regarding my above post. Seems like Fanatec is catching up??

  • WTF. I ordered the same exact thing (Universal Hub, GT Alcantara on June 10th and I have gotten no email). This is crazy.

  • OK just got an email with my tracking number. So for everyone waiting in the dark still here is how my order went.

    June 11th - Order placed V2.5 base w/ R330 wheel/ Universal hub. Preorder dates on some of the items I think originally said June 26th or something and others July 24th. Didn't take long for all items to show a preorder date of July 24th.

    July 14th - Email stating warehouse is preparing my order for shipment and can no longer cancel order. Order status changed to "The order has been processed"

    July 20th - Received an email with tracking number.


    My friend who ordered the V2.5 base w/ R300 wheel/ Universal hub just a couple weeks after me with pretty much all the same preorder dates of July 24th also received the warehouse processing email on July 14th.

    He received his tracking number email July 18th.


    Other buddy who just ordered V2.5 base w/ NASCAR wheel/ Universal hub just last week as it showed available on the website when he ordered (No preorder date) also got the warehouse processing email July 14th. I am not sure if he has his tracking number email or not yet.


    Just thought I'd update everyone for those that are still waiting and wondering. It's been a journey. I know there are some out there who have waited even longer than I have. I can say it definitely appears Fanatec is getting all caught up.

    I CAN NOT wait to put my G920 away and run the Fanatec stuff!

  • So I'm wondering does it go on what you have ordered or when you placed the order. I placed mine june 19th clubsport elite ps4 base, formula v2 wheel and elite pedals with load cell kit. All I've gotten so for is "the order has been processed" on july 15th nothing but radio silence since then. I even went as far as to call fed ex like maybe they have info on at least a label being created. Cant wait for my turn in line !!!

  • They got a lot of orders to ship. Probably just kind of random in when the warehouse gets your items pulled and ready to ship. My buddy who ordered 2-3 weeks after me got his tracking 2 days before me.

    Also can confirm my buddy who ordered NASCAR wheel still doesn't have tracking but I am sure will get it today or tomorrow.

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