System crash when using Fanatec drivers

I have a windows 10 workstation and after installing the 335 or 346 drivers and connecting the DD1, pedals and wheel, the system crashes as if you pulled the power off and will not come online until you disconnect the DD1 and pedals. The system hungs at post during device enumeration.

If I unplug the DD1 and pedals the system will come online just fine. Before installing the drivers the system had been reliably running despite all from the machine learning and AI I do using this machine.

I am mostly an Xbox user and I want to transition to a PC so this is my first attempt to do anything but work in a PC

Attached the PC details

Any help will be appreciated



  • Does the PC work OK without the Fanatec driver installed but with the DD1 connected and powered on?

    Is suspect that it has something to do with the USB ports, e.g. some sort of power surge protection kicking in. Did you try connecting to different USB ports?

  • The pc worked just fine for over a year of heavy use on development for machine learning and inferencing. As soon as i installed the driver it became unstable with random hangs, and when I turn the DD1 and pedals the machine continues to randomly hang, and if I play it abruptly shuts off.

    In our lab we have a galvanic and electrical isolated and rectifier USB hub and today I tested connecting the DD1 and pedals to the hub and the same symptom.

    We also looked at the voltage and frequency from the hub to the PC and it was pretty stable and clean.

    I suspect it is something with the driver or firmware.

    If you were to upgrade the drivers and firmware which one would you recommend? but i am weary to change anything until I RCA.

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    A few things I notice from your descriptions, and although it might not be a direct solution to your problem, I hope it can point you in the right direction.

    The listed PC is a beast for calculations, but I suspect it can have some weird moments when gaming with it, as it is a combination not a lot of people will use for gaming. Sticking to this hardware side for now: what is the GPU used for 'gaming' (and which game?) and what is the PSU used. These two are the most likely causes for random crashes in games, mostly due to power issues.

    The other part is the installed driver. If you install the driver (don't connect the DD1) and use the PC for the stuff you used to use it for before, it randomly crashes? So, if you completely remove the driver, the PC runs just fine while doing what it used to do?

  • It all has to do with the voltage and not ground pedal's USB port. If use the RJ to connect the pedals to the DD1 there is no issues.

    I reached out to Fanatec and lets see what happens.

    The machine is an old workstation retired for gaming.... :) My new machine has 2 x Xeon Platinum 9282

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