Shipping and payment issue with new order

I was trying to make a payment several times for a set of products via credit Mastercard, however I was receiving instantly message: "Unable to instantiate the payment screen". Is this because I've ordered shipping in Ukraine? Is this region within your delivery area?


  • I'm very very unhappy like a potential customer. Just for info i've send 3 messages to your sales team and post one topic here and haven't recieved any response for three weeks. Nice work)

  • Hi friend, i had same issue, i am from ukraine, i solved it by using USA ip address (VPN), but my payment was PayPal (i can not select anything other then PayPal). I also tried Opera build-in VPN service (America) and it did work too!

    PS: fanatec support cannot fix it and they say: "The message is issued by our payment provider"

  • Ich habe leider das gleiche Problem kann aus Österreich nicht bestellen da meine Kreditkarten Zahlung nicht angenommen wird vom System ! Traurig ....

  • Habe heute eine sehr nette Dame bei Fanatec telefonisch erreicht die mir eine andere Zahlungsart vorgeschlagen hat. Somit konnte ich jetzt endlich meine Bestellung absenden !

    Danke ans Team für die schnelle Hilfe ! 👍

    Gruss Andy

  • It happen to me. I don’t know why. But I eventually tried changing my email address. An it worked!!!

    But this is just antidotal evidence, of course. So take from it what you will. I just found it so frustrating I had to come back and notify what worked for me.


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