Accidental Cancellation

I placed two orders over the weekend, one being a whole set up from the DD1 base to a set of pedals, and a second order of just a wheel. I ordered the wrong wheel and canceled it to reorder the one I want and accidentally cancelled my big order. Besides emailing them, which I already did is there anything else I can do? Do the cancellations even go thru if the order is already processed? Any help would be appreciated


  • What's the current order status? I think if there's a "cancel order" button, it's cancellable. If it's a red dot with "in progress" it should turn blank soon, and you should get your refund in 2-3 days. Dom from Fanatec told me you can't uncancel orders due to it being largely automated. Best to reorder I think.

  • thanks for the response. I woke up this morning and already got refunded, ill just have to reorder

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