FAO: Fanatec Customer Service Manager (if there is one!)

I came up with a few simple suggestions for how Fanatec could improve its diabolical customer service:

* Send a confirmation email when payments by bank transfer have been received

* Send an email to advise an expected delivery date

* Send an email to advise if the expected delivery date changes

* Send an email to confirm an order has been successfully cancelled and how long the refund process will take

* Allow customers to amend their orders online before they are shipped

* Allow part of an order to be cancelled

* Allow an option to have in stock items shipped as soon as they are available

* Extend your opening hours for telephone inquiries to 9am to 5pm

* Employ customer service staff on Saturday

* Respond to emails within 2 working days 

* Fix the problem with your online contact forms not working

* Employ more customer service/sales staff

* Employ temporary staff if necessary to clear the current backlog of queries

* Don't process customer payments until the products are ready for dispatch

* Offer card payment as the default payment option (this gives customers some protection)

* Fix the problem with UPS tracking information not being sent by email

* As a company stop blaming everyone else for your failings and do something proactive to fix it


"Support: Customer satisfaction is not only our support team’s highest priority, but ranks among the highest within our entire organization as well. We not only see solving any questions which may arise with regard to our complex products as our obligation but as a chance for us to effectively improve in accordance with the wishes of our customers."

What a load of b******.


  • Fiona HoganFiona Hogan Member
    edited July 2020

  • placed the order and the payment on 06/25 also didn't receive anything on the date I did everything was all the products available

  • @nick thomas i believe this is why they have customer service job opening posted 7 days again.

  • I bought this adaptor when I bought my McLaren GT3 V2 wheel rim it turns out that you haven't sent out the original adaptor with my wheel rim serial number CL171003500 as you have decided between me ordering these items to delete the plastic quick release from the wheel rim.

     I have had to write this message ask him for support through the quick-release metal adaptor I've bought because the serial number has not been put on my account as per normal and I cannot add the serial number for some reason anyway I'm very disappointed with the way this has been carried out by such a professional company. Please can you let me know when I will be receiving my plastic quick-release for the wheel rim as above. But your website will NOT let me send this.

     thank you for making me have to spend more time messing around on your website and it costing you more money to send out the products that were originally ordered.

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