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  • Hi Thomas, I am happy to see that you are taking the community feedback seriously. I knew that fanatec does discounts on Blackfriday and i was planning to move from thrustmaster to Fanatec this year.I have sold my thrustmaster t150pro with the idea to invest in your ecosystem but the csl elite bundle is not with competetive price for I will go for TGT not better but in terms of price/value proposition it is a better deal for me...Expecting your deals next year...

  • Hello, unfortunately I am a fan of the fanatec brand but I even have your product from third parties. I have a PS4 elite cal with formula wheel. I wanted to add a currency but you don't send it to Brazil and that's disappointing

  • I bought stuff that wasn't on offer nonetheless since the quality is high.

    even Iracing is being "cheap" (to use a word but is not necessary true with Fanatec) with their BF discounts, it used to be 50% now it's barely 25% so yeah, this is not Besybuy where you can get 65" TVs for 400 usd

    They made 8 offers this year, people will allways complain.

  • Hello, unfortunately I am a fan of the fanatec brand but I even have your product from third parties. I have a PS4 elite cal with formula wheel. I wanted to add a currency but you don't send it to Brazil and that's disappointing

  • Hello,

    sorry for my bad english, I’m french,

    I placed an order number 1019895 today at 9:37 am CET. The Clubsport V3 pedals with the promotion Black Friday was soldout , so I had to buy the pedal at the usual price, and without the brake performance kit. It is still very annoying knowing that this promotion is normally valid until Monday. Can you fix that?


  • Picked up the BF shifter and pedal kit, got the first confirmation email then got a .pdf invoice and my stuff was shipped an hour after I ordered......awesome!!

  • It's not about people having unrealistic expectations nor about folk not finding their own wishlist fulfilled, if there were good deals and they didn't coincide with my personal wishlist I would have understand the situation, bad luck, time to move on.

    But now you managed to piss off practically everybody that wasn't eyeing the V3's which is the only deal worth writing home about. People wanting to get into the Fanatec ecosystem are expected to lay down 700 bucks here (which is the price of that entire set before the latest price hikes), that's a lot of money for your average hobbyist. The shifter may have some fancy new colors but it isn't a deal neither, I personally don't care if it's real carbon or imitation carbon as it's not going to save weight and make my sim rig faster. It's just a niche item.

    Then you release 5 cheap-ish round rims but they come with 0 buttons and you need a hub in most cases which you have to purchase separately as well.

    No wonder there is a backlash if that are the offers on the only day in the year you actually do a sale...

    If you want to keep people happy, you can for example offer a CSL base and CSL pedals at a discounted price separately. This will entice the people that are currently using lower end wheels, and bring in new users as well as it doesn't break the bank. Put a 20% discount on the regular CS 1.5 and people that were eyeing a decent shifter will jump for joy. Offer one formula style rim as a deal and one round one (with buttons); again more people will be satisfied as not many own both types. Add to that an offer on one of your latest DD products and the customers who have money for the higher end stuff will gladly empty their bank accounts too.

    Those are 6 possible deals, with the V3's included 7 in total which would have appealed to the majority of your customer base. Now you have 7 which kinda feel like Fanatec is taking the piss.

  • Nah. Not a big fan of deals and special offers as you might have noticed in the blog post. We will continue to make everybody happy. With great products at an unbeatable price-performance.

    But I hear you and others and we do see a lower entry level into our eco system would make sense. This could happen in future as well.

  • What happened to the Forza Motorsports bundle? I was going to order it today but its gone now?

  • There is a temporary technical issue because this bundle contains the regular CSP V3 and those are not available at the moment because we have the BF offer. Please order the products separately.

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    Hello Fanatec Team,

    fist I have to say I am a happy customer your products are great your customer support is helpfull...nice.

    But indeed the BF deals this year been a bit disappointing to me. Not blaming you, you can offer what you like for BF there is no claim on good deals. There was just nothing for me.

    But now where you ask on Facebook, here is my feedback: I have wished for something to upgrade my rig a product was gives me a real benefit, something what i don’t have so far. For example the handbrake for banger deal or the. shifter for a lower price. Something everybody wants but maybe was to shy to buy so far.

    The 2019 BF deals feel a bit like:“ Lets offer some stuff but lets try not to lower margin...same price but different color...or some mini discounts. And yes lets try to sell those old rims as well.. ;-).“

    There is just no real selling points to me this year.

    All the best and have some nice holydays.

  • Yes Thomas I noticed you aren't a fan of deals :D, lame as it might sound having deals does feel to customers like you give something back to them though.

    You don't need to lower the entry level on the hardware anymore, only price wise. CSL line is perfect for the job but not everyone can permit spending 700 bucks in one go even on Black Friday. I bet a lot of people upgraded their Logitech/Thrustmasters for those beautiful V3's this week, they would have done the same if the CSL line was separated/spread out in offers with the same discount the pedals had. Now most people looked elsewhere for a new wheel which seems like a missed opportunity. Anyhow next year my wallet will be ready again as I still love my Fanatec stuff ;)

  • Ah ok. Will the bundle be back? I rather have the bundle discount since it would save me $150. Thank you!

  • Hi, Thomas

    You have to reconsider that you left many new buyers out!!As a new builder I want to enter in Fanatec ecosystem and your offers was nothing for me would be more honest for a new builders to make a discount (20-30%)in final Price in manual configuration as the entry to get is 700€-1000€.

    It's easy to make combos with F1 wheels and bases as bundles offers so are more users pleased.

    Yes pedal offer this year is perfect but it's an Oasis and not for starters.

    I find the comment Milan Benicky as the point of this year failed offers caused by you.

    If you offered A McLaren gt3 wheel instead of this wheel I would entered at once.

  • Hi Thomas,

    ich finde es herausragend, dass man auf die Kritik die auf euch hereingebrochen ist in dieser Weise reagiert. Für mich, der seit über 20 Jahren im Vertrieb arbeitet, wirkt dieser Schritt extrem professionell. Würde man sich von anderen auch mal wünschen diese offene Art...

    Inhaltlich kann ich dem vollständig folgen, alle angesprochenen Punkte sind nachvollziehbar und wirken sich am Ende ja auch auf die Wertigkeit der Produkte und der Marke aus. Sicher ist die Erwartungshaltung der Kunden und Interssenten hier zu hoch. Auch ich habe jetzt gewartet auf den Black Friday, da ein Upgrade der Technik nötig war. Auf Anfrage vor mehreren Wochen war die Aussage "es wird wohl was kommen" zum Black Friday...

    Ich war auch enttäuscht, dass ich hier nicht profitieren konnte. Trotzdem habe ich das Upgrade gemacht und die Bestellung vor dem BF getätigt als klar war welche Produkte im Angebot sind. Dazu mal ein WAU Bestellung - Lieferung innerhalb von 24 Stunden. Klasse Job!

    Trotzdem hätte man, nachdem ja klar war das sehr viele darauf gewartet haben und die Erwartungshaltung sehr groß ist, es etwas "verpacken" können. Es haben sehr wenig profitiert von der Warterei, da das Angebotene sehr speziell war.

    Schon ein kleines Dankeschön in Form eines Give-away hätte wohl viele Kunden "gefreut" und den Black Friday für Euch medial positiver gestaltet. Tasse, Schlüsseband oder was auch immer. Für das vergebliche warten...

    Ich freue mich schon auf neue Produkte!

    Viele Grüße!


  • Guys, I think what Thomas said is legit and right - no matter that I am on customers side always! Will try to explain:

    • If Fanatec is able to do some mumbo jumbo awesome deals and discounts - that will means that products are highly overpriced and they have huge gap in the price to do discounts and still be on profit. Obviously that is not the case.
    • I speak with alot ppl in forums and that Black Friday thing mess alot of us and when we need Wheel in June - some of us think to wait for BF deals in November (just to do not miss the deal) and continue to use crappy equipment instead of buy something that is affordable for them and much much better. Life is short we know - why to build our life on BF?
    • I agree that some great offers was made back in the days - I bought my Handbrake from BF deal, but that was for that specific moment and Fanatec have the right to learn from its experience and to decide is it good for the company or not. I know you can say - yeah but the customers are more important - Right! But if the company makes bad decisions - that will affect to slow its progress and who knows maybe even, if the company isnt going well - this will affect not only the waiting BF deal customers, but also all customers!;)
    • It will be great btw if Fanatec made all those limited edtition offers and deals on its Birthday - something like "Fanatec Day"! Black Friday is loaded with too much expectations IMO.
    • I use Fanatec products from the PS2/ XB Classic era - that company evolution can be compared only with Apple... and all that progress cant be possible if the line of the products dont gravitate around middle to premium segment...Yes, entry level hardware is possible to exist - but we buy our CSL wheels because they have the DNA of the CSW wheel line, not built on the idea to be cheap.
    • I hear the complain that "Fanatec is too Expensive" mainly from people that are not familiar with prices at all....My other Hobby is Motorbikes - you gotta see there!;) That reminds me when I wanted to build Xbox 360 better wheel from the MS white FFB one...So I bought DFGT and One MS FFB, all that for 180 Euro, back in the days, so making some mods translanted MS to DFGT and made 720 degrees FFB wheel..Whooohoo... and guuess what - after all that joy - I just bought Fanatec CSR Wheel!!! On the price I spent to revive garbage to life - I had belt driven insanely great wheel!!!
    • Important to say I am not Fanaboy (nothing wrong to be fan of Fanatec) - on my rig I have Simplicity SW7C DD wheel, Podium line is over my income for now:) On the same rig I use CSL Pedals with the rig I have CSL ELite PS4, shifters,HB etc...not to count all discounted products maybe around 40;) Just because even from the eye of bulgarian guy everything was made with great price/quality value!
    • Fanatec have my full respect for the fact keeps evolution going and maybe you dont realise, but alot of Fanatec prices keep the rest of the market kinda regulated to do not jump in the sky with insane prices !
    • Just my oppinion!

  • Some are saying "if you cant afford Fanatec, tough luck"

    Here is my idea.

    If Fanatec can not afford to offer a Black Friday sale like Black Friday sales across the entire retail system, they should not offer a Black Friday sale at all.

    You are either A) Stretched too thin at retail prices and are barely making a profit but offering the people good products or

    B) making a killing off everything and greedy.

    saying you "just arent a fan of discounts and sales" really answers that question! But fair enough. Its very American Capitalist of you.

    Instead, why not change the sale to a different date? Away from the holiday season to avoid added stress to logistics. Call it the Fanatec Annual Sale or something like that.

    Black Friday, regardless of the company offering it, is expected to offer big discounts for consumers. That is the consumer-driven world we live in. In order to avoid disappointment, (let be honest, not everyone will read Thomas's post, especially years down the line), I would change the sale to sometime OTHER than Black Friday.

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    In the last two years I’ve spend more tan 3.500€ in Fanatec products and I can’t be happier. Their products are very good quality and you can upgrade trading your old ones without money loose, because they are they are very well valued in the second hand market. I’ve change from CSL to CSW and then to DD recovering my initial spent. Therefore I consider it an investment rather than an expense.

    Fanatec is also generous with his loyal customers. We received important discounts in preordered products (McLaren wheel) and generous compensations when delays (F1 wheel for DD preorderers). So they care about customers who trust in them and and bet on the company.

    May be this year BF offers are not as attractive as other years, but we must think about what we get for what we pay, not not for what we would like to have paid.

  • Your kidding right? Complaining a company is "greedy" because they can sell a product at a price people will pay. That is extremely naive! The price is listed, they are charging what people will pay, its called capitalism and what makes the world go around. Some of you are acting like they are exploiting people.

    If Fanatec offers faulty products or terrible customer service thats another ball game but to lecture them about prices is stupid. you say..."if you cant afford Fanatec, tough luck" If you are really that concerned about the price difference between BF and retail you probably shouldnt be looking at this product that by any standard is an extreme luxary.

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    I must agree with most of the comments from the customers here, in particular some of the very first ones. (Pictures and all, contradicts your statement)

    I noticed that Fanatec as a company holds very tight to their price, in fact they actually seem to go up. (That seems to be their business model)

    Considering that you have a reasonable hold on the market, it makes Fanatec look cheap and or greedy when you really are giving crumbs to your loyal and new customers. Thats what Black Friday is about... Giving a GOOD freaking deal.

    Also considering that Fanatect probably makes millions as a company, giving a few very good deals and some reasonable deals to your new and loyal customers, would probaly not make a dent on your overall profit. (Again greed rules the approach)

    Personally I spent close to $2000 on Fanatec products, If there was another company that would sell functional products I would go else where.

  • thomas hello i have problems to update my podium racing wheel f1 ps4 in the united state why i need help asap why is not working with my computer hello ? some help me

  • I joined the Fanatec adventure for 11 years and I was able to enjoy black friday at the beginning only.

    I spent a lot of money at Fanatec for my passion and without any regrets and fully satisfied with my purchases. Now being fully equipped, only innovations could make me want to take advantage of this special day.

    I am not an isolated case, for older customers there are no interesting offers, no privilege to reward loyalty, which makes me feel forgotten….

    Obviously Fanatec must retain new customers to make the brand prosper, but I think that the fans of day 1 should also be part of the plans, VIP access for exclusives, beta test, consultation on the new peripherals required and so more.

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