how long for Support

I reported a failed power supply on my dd2 on 12.07.20 via email to support.

I received a notification email to say support will be in contact as soon as possible.

How long does it take for that reply ?


  • Up to 14 days currently because of the global situation.

  • Okay thanks . Patiently waiting 😌

  • Neville, Did your email contain a case number?

    If not, go to -> My account -> My Products -> click support next to your DD2

  • Yes it had a case number and i received a support email yesterday .

    A new PSU is to shipped out and i shall be returning the faulty unit so im pleased with the outcome.

    Only im not sure who is to pay for the shipping on the faulty PSU as it wasn't clear from the email. Hopefully this is covered by fanatec under the terms of warranty.

  • I just opened a ticket for the same thing last night. I posted “dd2 died” in forum and a guy said it cost him $139. You’d think it would be free. I’ve only received the confirmation email so probably won’t hear anything until after the weekend...maybe...hopefully.

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