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Hello ! My name is Alexandru Drozan and I have recently bought the CSL Elite Loadcell Kit . I have some unclear issues with the loadcell pedal and I would like to know if it is possible a solution to each of them .

1 . The loadcell pedal has a yellow sponge in the middle . Is it a must for the yellow sponge to be in the middle or could it be moved closer to the beggining of the entire spring or to the end of the entire spring ?

2 . I tested the loadcell pedal in F1 2020 with the default ( soft ) '65 elastomer springs which allows a max charge of 18 Kg but works only 25% . I already had the Fanatec application installed on the desktop with the necessary drivers for the wheel and the previous pedals ( the throttle and the brake which is now the clutch ) . I also was quite afraid to push the loadcell pedal hard because the manual guide recommends to not push more than 40% , but I tried once to push as hard as I could and the loadcell brake pedal functioned with only 25% . Where are the last 75% ? Is there some sort of setup I should do ? No matter how hard I pushed the loadcell pedal , even though allows max charge of 18 Kg , I could not compress the loadcell brake more than 25 % . Is there some sort of error?

3 . I wanted this loadcell pedal mainly for the '85 elastomer springs , which I saw some pro virtual drivers suggested . The problem is that the Fanatec Quickguide recommends the '85 elastomer springs to be used on pedals which are mounted to a wheel stand or rig . My pedals are on the floor and if I should follow the recommendation I must use the '65 elastomer springs , which is used for pedals on floor. Is it possible to use the '85 elastomer springs even though I do not own a rig or cockpit ?

4 . Which is the maximum length allowed to be pressed on the loadcell pedal ? The Fanatec Quickguide recommends no more than 40% , but for me personally is unclear . 40% means when the yellow sponge ( which is in the middle ) is completely pressed and cannot be seen anymore ?

5 . The loadcell pedal came with an USB cable . When and where must be the USB cable used ? The USB cable and the cable connected to the Wheel Base should be or should not be at the same time used ?

6 . The loadcell pedal also came with some stabilisers and spacers . The manual does not give any hints about them . Do they influence the loadcell pedal by any chance or whats their use ? Can they make the pedals stop slipping on the floor ?

 7 . Could I mix the elastomer springs ? Putting for example behind the loadcell brake some '65 and '85 elastomer springs ?

Thank you very much in advance ! 😃


  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Alexandru,

    1. Yes it should be in the middle. But it would make no difference to the feel if it was in a different position.
    2. Update the firmware (via USB to a PC) or try to reconnect the pedals to the wheel base. It might just need a 'reset'. If you continue to have the 25% input issue, I suggest you open a support ticket.
    3. You can use whichever springs you like, but you will need the pedals to be very securely braced against something, ideally hard mounted, to feel any benefit from using the hardest springs. I'd suggest starting on a softer set first anyway, to get used to it. It is difficult to use this pedal set to its full potential on the floor, even with the softest spring setting. They are intended to be hard mounted. You will gain much more confidence and consistency with your inputs when the pedals are solidly mounted.
    4. 40% refers to the elastomer springs, not the yellow foam. It is normal that the foam gets completely compressed and cannot be seen.
    5. The USB cable is for connecting the pedals to a PC if you wish to a) use the pedal set as a standalone USB device, or b) if you want to update firmware. We recommend that you connect the pedals via RJ12 to the wheel base instead of USB to the PC, because this gives you access to the BRF (load cell sensitivity) Tuning Menu setting on your wheel. You must not connect both cables at once.
    6. The stabiliser bars are there to provide more rigidity, which is helpful for certain rig/cockpit designs, and they are important if you are really using the full force of the brake (i.e. max BRF, hardest springs). It is not designed to improve slipping on the floor.
    7. Yes you can mix the springs.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • One extra note if you havent red the manual.

    never connect USB and RJ cable to the base at the same time. You have to connect one or the other or else you fry the small module underneeth the pedal set.

  • Thank you very much to both of you 🤗 . I have 2 more questions to ask regarding the software for the pedals/wheelbase .

    1 . The wheelbase ( CSL Elite Wheelbase with Clubsport Steering F1 Esports ) has 2 kind of drivers v311 and v328 and the CSL Elite Pedals + loadcell have only the v311 driver . Which of the 2 drivers is better to download ? Both the wheel and pedals have in common the v311 driver but I think it is old and the v328 driver is new . Which one is more accurate , has got better precision and is better not only for the wheel but as well for the pedals ? Or should I just download the v311 driver ?

    2 . Another thing I was wondering is when to download the drivers . With the steering wheel turned on or turned off ?

    Thank you very much in advance ! 😊

  • In my CSL Elite for PS4 I use Driver 356 and WB FW 669 and motor firmware 22.

    There is also the 365 driver but it is still on beta stage.

    On point n.2 you mean with the steering wheel mounted or not mounted I guess.

  • Do you use your CSL Elite for PS4 ? My CSL Elite is used for PC so maybe we have different drivers . How did you get the 365 driver and how did you change the motor firmware please ? And which driver do you recommend me to download ( the v311 - which is older and available for both the steering wheel and the pedals ) or the v328 - which is new and available just for the steering wheel but not the pedals ) ?

    On point n.2 my steering wheel is on desk and pedals on floor . What I wanted to know is which is the best scenario to download the drivers for the steering wheel and the pedals ( when the steering wheel is working ( when it has the blue / red light on ) or when the steering wheel its off ( no lights ) .

    Thank you very much in advance ! 😄

  • Well. Let us start from the easy part.

    If no lights on the base (red or blue) it means it is off and will not communicate with your pc.

    So you have to turn it on press the mode button to go red (which is the PC mode) and then upgrade from there.

    The BETA driver 365 with all the files can be found on the beta section/categories of this forum. But again. This is a beta (which means still some bugs and under development).

    The 356 driver with all the FW's if I remember correctly in the download section of "Podium Steering Wheel Porsche 911 GT3 R Suede" page when I had bought back then, and didn't see that the BME wasn't supported by CSL (but still working as a charm with the universal hub and alcadara GT). 😎

    The Porsche podium steering wheel though is now attached to a Podium F1 DD and works as a charm in Legacy mode though. 😇

  • Thank you very much !🤗😁😀

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