Ordering DD1


I'm trying to order a DD1(and a V3 and BMW Rim) but i can't checkout. I'm keep getting the message that i need to check the warranty. But i can't select the warranty.

Please help/advise.




  • And now the V3 are gone from the site and still i can't buy a DD1.

  • Same problem here. Thankfully managed to place an order for everything else, but I'm unable to purchase a DD1 because of the warranty selection message.

  • Well i won't order untill i can complete it with the V3. But those are sold out? Are the V3s comming back? Still no response from Fanatec. And i'm ready to buy

  • Fair enough. I mostly ordered right away because I didn't want to lose out on the limited edition shifter.

  • Well, i was ready at 9. And everything was in the basket. Then the DD1 Warrenty error. So i think i'm missing out on the V3 because of the error.

  • Same here, all ready in shopping cart (DD1, F1 V2 Wheel, V3 BlackFriday Deal) but can't checkout due to warranty issue.

    I hope we will get a chance to get the v3 black friday deal.

  • No warranty has been selected for product P_WB_DD1_EU. Please choose a warranty.

    The V3 are back btw!

  • Yes, ive all on Shopping cart at the moment, but cant checkout. In Shopping cart, the v3s are unavailable too. Maybe i split the order now.

  • I've splitted the Shopping cart and ordered the v3 blackfriday deal and the wheel. Now waiting for bugfixing the dd1 warranty issue.

  • Warranty issue solved for me. Ive ordered the DD1 now.

  • Can confirm, just ordered my DD1 as well!

  • And just got the shipping notification, that's awesome! Going to be til xmas til I actually get to tinker with it, but hey, anticipation!

  • Got the shipping order the same day. Now on monday the order is not far away and should reach it's destination tomorrow.

    The rig is ready to install the hardware. I hope there will be now problem cause i'm hot to drive.

    Games are ready to test, bought RFactor2 at the steam sale. AC and ACC were already installed.

    Maybe we see us on track. 😉

    Have a nice time.

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