All Black Friday Sales Sold Out

I can't order any of the Black Friday sales because they all say they are sold out, anyone know why?


  • idk... I just ordered almost 3k of gear... been on the website since 9:00 and put the the deal stuff in my box first... that being said. It's taken almost on hour to fully check out because the website kept crashing and was overloaded several times making it almost impossible to check out.

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    Well it would be fine to know if the items are sold out or not.

    I have to place an order with many items and just pedals are "black friday" so need to know whats happening ... should i wait for pedals or they are really sold out?

    I have to say that it will not be serious if the pedals are already sold out after just 1 hour... it's the only real deal so if they have only a small number of them available it would be funny ...

  • I don't think it was a matter of low numbers... it was a matter of HIGH volume of Traffic... if you want them.. get them in your cart NOW and try and check out!!!!

  • The v3 pedals have disappeared from the list, I swear if they are sold out I'm going to be pissed. Didn't even get a chance to order them.

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    Yeah... i want to buy base+wheel+pedals ... wait till today because they "said" to wait today for pedals (otherwise you do not offer a deal for today, right?).

    But well i cannot buy base and wheel if pedals will be available a month from now....

    And it is not possible to order them at all ...

  • that's why I stayed up all night to place my order.. in the states its 1:32 A.M. where I'm at and I have to go to work in 4 hrs... lol

    the website was crashing lots from all the people... I bet someone from Fanatec will report on that soon.... as well as just how much traffic the website was getting at sales start.

  • I got a reply from fanatec saying their black friday deals aren't sold out yet, I hope that applies to the v3s but I don't have a lot of hope considering they aren't on the website.

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  • You have to click on the "Black Friday" tab to see the deals. They're not under pedals, etc. (Scroll to the left)

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