New to sim racing and just ordered almost 3k of FANATEC Gear o_0!!!

But not new to buying good quality stuff... and after months of research, I just spent crazy money... and I'm not even worried about sleeping on the couch for a few weeks! This gear looks solid, well built, and this company seems like they really want to put high quality stuff out there!

Yeah... I wanted a Sweet deal on a DD1 or DD2... but since it didn't Happen still bought the DD2 anyways! At least I saved on my shifter and also my pedals! and got that cool and sweet new alcentara gt wheel too! (I actually wanted the podium R300... and in the glichyness of the website crashing didn't realize I selected the wrong one until after check out LOL)

I'm really excited to play racing games on this whole new level on not using a controller... and the quality time I'll get the have over the coming years as my 2 sons (3.5 yrs and 6 months) grow and my oldest can't stop talking about cars and going fast!

THANKS Fanatec! For making cool shit that a picky buyer like myself will buy!

Ryan C.


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