Forza motorsport bundle arrived and I love it!

So today I installed the new components. I run it via Drivehub on the ps4 with a selfmade handbrake. I'll have to do a lot of re-learning as my muscle memory is used to the old Logitech G25.

It took Fanatec 2,5 weeks to deliver. Quite good 😊

The product really is an upgrade.

I got a bit emotional detaching my 14 yo G25. I love you and I'll miss you grinding gears 😥


  • Does the force feedback feel strong? I got mine today, feels notchy and weak - not very different to G290 which is a big surprise to me!

  • It depends in what game. Overal I think it can be stronger and smoother and subtle. You have to invest in getting the right feel. I love it.

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