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Are there good thirdparty buttoncaps out there For f1 wheel & Buttonbox?

I have enough with fanatec's original caps. My Buttonbox is still in warranty but support is not really helpfull. They respond quickly, and send spare parts quickly. they send 1 or 2 buttoncaps to replace the broken one. I recieve the caps quickly but another one will break before i recieved the new ones. So its never gonna stop if they keep sending the same crap buttoncaps. I told them but they keep sending those original ones. They are just are awfull. Then they asked friendly if i liked to return the button box to see if there is no damage? I refused, the buttons are perfect it are the caps that are bad. also i don't want to wait for weeks to get it back. or risk it getting lost, for no reason at all. Then they start to ask to to send the buttoncaps back to Fanatec? Are they seriously out of there mind? I am already spending so much time making support tickets/emails i am not gonna return each week another buttoncap if it breaks. Besides i lost most of them already.

So, its a shame after spending far above +2000€ on equipment i have to look for thirdparty buttoncaps. I am sure they send me new ones when i mail support(again) but looks like this is not the solution.

These are the parts i found or still have, or have broken recently. Its only 10% of all the broken buttoncaps if i include the caps of my f1 rim. They tend to break only on buttons that are used frequently. No matter what wheel.


  • I have exactly the same problem, so now I have 3D printed some myself😉

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    looks amazing TBH, strange a company with premium products cheap out on buttoncaps.

  • The last time I spoke to support they said they were investigating the issue and hoping for better quality button caps to come, but that was about 4 months ago ..

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    my last contact was 3 months ago(i think). They did not say such thing. I can wait for "improved" ones Its not i can't use it. But they just send the same crap and thats it...same with the my podium hub, it got some play. They would look into it if they recieved it back. They didn't respond back.

    I always had good experiences with support. But my last 3 issues didn't get solved. They quickly respond and replace it but wathever they replace has the same issue...so nothing gets solved. Maybe its time to gradually move away from these products.

  • There is no point in sending the podium hub for them to check it if it does not have a lot of play, because I sent in my 918RSR last year and was told that this was completely normal (see video)


  • Completely normal? Costumers think otherwise...

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