v3 brakes not calibrating

It shows the pedals working in the v3 properties but nothing in the base 2.5 properties. It dont do anything in the sim. Fanalab wont work either says i need driver 352 or higher ?

Good wheel and cant do anything :(


  • also shifter is not showing. waited 2 months for this :(

  • Fanalab 1.23 requires at least 352, but they are on 365 - you can download it on the forum here, look on the right for Beta Drivers.

    365 says it works on all bases (CSL, 2.5, DD, etc)

    Be aware this beta has a nasty gotcha if you're using a universal hub, I believe only 2 buttons work at the moment.

    Also just double check you have the pedals and shifter in the right ports - it can be easy to reverse them left to right if you're hunched over the base looking at the ports upsidedown and then trying to compare to what's in the manual.

  • Jack , thanks for the help. I updated the drivers and firm. The pedals show on the pedal profiler which is usb connect. But the base profiler everything works but the pedals. They dont show at all ? Shifter is working , wheel turns left and right , all buttons , paddle shifters everything else seems fine. No v3 pedals . Just got it yesterday was up till midnight with it. Never got to race with it. No pedals !

    Thx, Steve

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