It worked yesterday on Nascar 2003 but today ?

I had it working on Nascar 2003 yesterday and I know others that use it on there. But today I cant get it to work?

any help ?

Thx, Steve


  • no pedals , wheel and shifter work ?

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    You need to be more precise.

    What worked? Which wheel base, which wheel, which Pedals, which Shifter, which driver, which firmware., which platform...

    Officially Nascar 2003 is not supported.

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    Forza Bundle. I had it working on Nascar 2003 yesterday. I turned off my pc last night and go to play it and the pedals dont show up ? It was fine ? Running Win10. I know others that use it in Nascar 2003 with now issues and it did work yesterday . Wheel base firm is 626 , base motor firm is 22.

    Pedals pc firm is 328 and firm version is 130.

    Its fine with Iracing.


  • its the pedals , they wont show at all . Crazy it worked fine yesterday ?

  • Steve, are they not showing in the driver (Launch Fanatec Wheel Property Page)? Or not showing in the game?

  • in the game , but it worked fine yesterday ? Pedals not showing up in NR2003

  • Jack, I just put it on Xbox mode and the pedals worked but the wheel didnt. I know this wheel and pedals works on NR2003 because i have friends that use it with it. Something is weird though because of what its doing ?


  • I just turned on Nascar 2003 with the wheel base off. I have pedals ?

    If i put it on xbox I have pedals.

    If the base is on , no pedals , yet it worked yesterday.

    Just giving some more info to try to help fix this problem since i play nr2003 and iracing.

    No probs in iracing.

    I know nr2003 is an old game, but i also know the wheel works in it.

    any help would be appreciated .

    thx, Steve

  • Steve,

    I'm not sure I follow you.

    Are you connecting it to an xbox at all or just talking about xbox mode?

    Can we simplify this discussion and limit the conversation to the settings app in windows - the fanatec one that shows feedback if you move the wheel or press the break/gas.

    Does it work in that screen?

    We need to understand if we're helping you troubleshoot bad hardware, misconfigured hardware, or a misconfigured game.

  • why cant i call tech ? Now i updated the firm and it saying CAL I follow the instructions and it still says CAL it wont even turn off the menu now.

    The pedals do not show in NR2003 , yesterday they did ?

    I dont know what else i can tell you without talking to someone . But now the wheel is saying CAL after update and i cant get it off. Ready to return this thing if i cant get any tech .


  • CAL means you have to calibrate the center point.

    In the same driver where you did the update, there's a button to calibrate the center.

    Many wheels also have a shortcut key combination - buttons you press at the same time that register the center position.

    This forum is a place for fanatec users to help each other.

    If you are looking for more formal support you can open a support ticket from the my products page on your profile on the main fanatec site.

  • i followed the instructions to calibrate and it doesnt work. I even followed a youtube vid and still it doesnt cal. when i turn it off and turn it back on the CAL comes backs and now the CAL light wont go off ?

    This is messed up a wheel with all these issues and not much help. very just very frustrated its been 2 days fusing with this thing.


  • If I recall, that bundle has the Clubsport wheel base 2.5, which I unfortunately don't have, so I can't speculate where the center point is stored, but I suspect it's in the wheel base itself.

    I don't have that wheelbase/bundle but the manual says for a wheel using the universal hub, to press Start and the X button on the Top side of the Universal Hub.

    if that's what you did and it's not working you'll unfortunately have to open a ticket.

    As a last resort, if it was me, I'd unplug everything and shut everything off, then boot up, try flashing the wheelbase one more time and see if the center sticks after that.

  • yea thats whats going with the CAL its not taking.

    thx for the help guys , and very for my frustration . Ill keep working at it.


    as for no pedals is nr2003 i dont know because it worked yesterday .

  • Steve, one thought, you have the V3 pedals which support two hookup methods:

    Method 1- Connect to wheel base.

    Method 2-Connect direct to PC via USB

    You should only use one method and disconnect the other.

    For maximum compatibility, connect pedals to the wheelbase, and not to the PC via USB.

    (Very few games support the 'split' configuration of USB wheel+USB pedals)

  • But it worked yesterday ? All I did was turn the pc off . Next day turned it on and it dont work. If I turn the wheel off, I have pedals in nr2003. No wheel of course but the pedals work. If I turn on the wheel , the pedals dont work ? Again it worked yesterday and i have a couple friends that use fanatec and it works with no issues. So I know it works with nascar 2003.

    I got the CAL and shifter calibrated. The instructions are so poor on the manual I had to find a video on youtube to find out how. Fanatec should have a video for all their wheels not just a few because the buttons are different and you sit there guessing on what button to hit.

  • Jack if i unplug the pedals from either plug , direct or usb . It doesnt read pedals. If you unplug the usb Windows wont read it. If you unplug the rj12 it doesnt read it

  • I have mine connected to the wheelbase, I've never used the USB port - it works in windows that way.

    I picked that configuration because it is more compatible with older games when it is plugged into the base.

    This way the base presents itself as a full wheel with gas and brake pedals.

    I would try disconnecting USB from the pedals, on both ends (but specifically on the pedal end)

    Then connect that RG6 phone cable from the pedals to the wheel base - paying special attention to put it in the correct port on both sides (It's possible to put it in wrong - they are not keyed in any way)

    Then reboot your computer, and launch the fanatec driver and see if the wheel and pedals register.

    If they do, then try Nascar 2003

  • thats what i did. I had the usb on it and it wasnt working, so i just used the litte phone wire and nascar 2003 and iracing are both working good now. Thx for all the help !


  • For people racing NR2003, Heres the deal. If you have a fanatec wheel. You must use fanatec pedals and they only work on Nascar 2003 when plugged into the base. It wont work in usb and you cant use a third party pedal set either because it has to be plugged into the base. My csw 2.5 and V3 work great on Nascar 2003. Only in the base ! Hope this helps.

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