Items Missing from the Webpage Based on Region?

Hello, recently i bought a shifter on the website (im in the USA btw). I have the Rennsport cockpit, so i needed to buy a shifter mount for the cockpit. But when i go to the Cockpit/Mounting section of the website, the cockpit and all the accessories for the cockpit (including the shifter mount) weren't there. If i scrolled down, the accessories tab on the bottom would be empty. If i clicked on a link to the shifter mount it would say "this product is no longer available". When i change the region to Europe, the Rennsport cockpit reappears and all of the accessories too. When i scrolled down to the accessories tab, all of the accessories were there.

The strange thing is i remember looking on the old site less than 2 months ago and the cockpit was there and all of its accessories (in the USA/Canada region) Is this intentional or is this just a mistake with the new site?

(pictures below are on EU site)

(pictures below are on the US site)

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