Pedals work on PC, not on ps4


I have a question regarding my csl elite pedals.

On the PC they are working good, when i use ps4, then the steering wheel Works fine, but the pedals dont work.

Software is all up to date.

Can you guys help me.


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    Ok its dumb question time,

    which # driver/firmware is update to you?

    347 is up to date, but 346 is i believe the reccomended #

    are they connected to the base or usb on the pc and or ps4 when working or not working?

    are all your connections firmly inserted into their respective ports? twss

    and lastly, try unplugging the rj12 and back in.

    my handbrake (dirt rally 2) always and my pedals(gt sport) have been acting up occasionally and i unplug the rj12 from the back and it they operate normally after a few attempts, but tech ticket is probably where you are headed m8.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    When playing on PC(iracing), i have no problem, wheel en peddals are direct connected with USB.

    Playing with ps4, wheel and peddals are connected by Trust 3.1Gen1 usb hub, I have tried several setup's, also usb direct in ps4, unplugged the rj12 several times.

    I am out of idea's 😥.



  • You HAVE TO connect the Pedals via RJ12 to the Base directly to use them on console. Do NOT use USB connection from Pedals to the PS4 or a USB Hub and do not use both USB and RJ12 at the same time as this cause a electrical damage to the circuit board of the Pedals.

    So as described in every manual and Quick Guide, connect the Pedals via RJ12 to the Wheel Base and connect the Wheel base via USB to the console directly. That's all, just one USB connection is required.

  • Do you have a Fanatec wheelbase? You should connect your pedals with your wheelbase

  • Okey, the rj12 is in the wheelbase (this is connected always), were does the end of the Rj12 cable(usb) go.



  • The end of the RJ12 cable should also be a RJ12 connector, no USB connector.

    You connect one RJ12 connector into the pedals and the other one into the wheel base so the pedals are connected to the wheel base. You only use the USB cable from the wheel base to the console. This is pictured in the manual and quick guide of your products.

  • Found this movie, all is working now🤪, thanks guys for your help👍

  • Previous video was the wrong one.

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