Pricing in uk

Hi I’m in the uk first time buyer just wondering how much I will pay. Will I pay the equivalent in £ or will I pay the amount it says but in £

so say it says 1000€ would I pay £1000 or the equivalent in £


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    Roughly the Pound to euro Market rate minus currency "spread" and commission.

    Each bank/credit institution will have their own "spread" and comission. I find paypal expensive as it is 3-4% commission and a ridiculous "spread". I paid my purchase with Barclaycard cash back, so is 3% minus the cashback of .5% and the "spread" seemed acceptable.

    There are also cards where you can top up with foreign currency and seemed cheaper, but cannot comment on it.

    I put spread on quotes as I am using it very loosely, but basically each institution will have their own conversion rate which is another hidden fee.

  • Thank you for your help and for the fast response.

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