Possibility to update serial number under "My Products"

Hi there!

I just added my V3 pedals to my account but did not have the possibility to check the serial number so I checked "I have no serial number or the serial number is damaged" hoping to be able to add the serial number afterwards. This does not seem to be possible and would be very useful feature :) .


Kind regards,



  • I'm with you on this one.

    I added all my older products as "bought somewhere else" while I bought them from Fanatec.

    I made 2 errors, one that would like to edit and one I would like to remove from "My Products"

    It would be nice to have some more control over the list.

  • Idem. I would love to delete some older stuff from 2017. I sold them (had giving meaning issues with myself) but this year I returned to Simracing and bought a mix of used and new Fanatec equipment. I would love to add them and remove the older entries.

  • Yeah, I sold the F1 wheel of my new Podium PS4 drive, would like to get that one one out.

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