Gaming PC and virus scanners.

I have been using Macs for the past 15 years with some games on but most of my games were on Xbox or PS.

I was using Windows PCs the 15 years before that.

I have put together a gaming PC recently and am busy configuring it and installing software. It is my intention to move more and more games from the consoles to the PC.

Do you guys still install a virus scanner that slows down your system or do you simply rely on Windows 10 Security?


  • With Windows 10 a anti virus tool is no longer necessary because the windows defender is on Paar with the very best free solutions these days.

  • That would be nice, thanks Maurice.

    I was thinking of using ESET since it's not too demanding on the system but might stick with Defender.

    Would love some more thoughts from others as well.

  • I'm also a long term Mac user and also recently made the switch from PS4 to building a gaming PC. I decided against installing third party AV as Windows 10 threat detection is adequate. My PC is purely used for games, If I used it for more critical purposes I may have done things differently but I am comfortable with the current situation.

  • The best antivirus protection is a sensible user :)

    But apart from that, with modern PCs there's really no such thing as a virus scanner slowing down your system. Some programs do come qith quirks, though. You mention ESET, which was notorious for preventing Project CARS 2 from running properly (e.g. by removing files) unless you explicitly added it to the exception list.

    Windows10 Defender never gave me any issues, but I cannot say whether it's as good as paid programs.

  • Thanks for your opinions, I value them all and hope to see some more coming.

    Meanwhile I'm holding off installing any antivirus.

  • Ok, I decided against using an extra virus scanner, I remember the days of Norton Antivirus and Symantec Internet Security. Never needed them and always caused more problems than it was worth.

    I'll stick to Defender and Malwarebytes, always been fond of that app since I used it on Mac, it was a good tool to remove crapware like MacKeeper.

  • For desktop, laptop, I use, in addition to Defender, Paid MalwareBytes (3 computer version). MWB often alerts on malicious sites. I go lots of places chasing the little rabbits.

    For my wife's portable, it's Defender, MalwareBytes (1 of 3), and paid Avast. She's very good about taking her hands off the keyboard and hollering at me if things are not exactly as she expected. Se knows not to click on links she didn't specifically ask for in emails.

    I've taught him all I know about phishing and stuff.

    I agree that Defender alone is all that's probably necessary, but my career has taught me to be overly cautious. Therefore, i recommend to go with Avast or Malwarebytes. See the comparison here and get to know more about them neck to neck in detail..

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