DD1 vs CSW on Podium Button Module (and a little DD vs Belt)


Intro: after I just received my box with ClubSport Padles, Shifter and Handbrake I found out just the Handbrake runs with the Padles native. Shifter would need a USB Adapter.

Thought I can split that expensive order over 2-3 months and use the T500RS for a little while. 😪 Don't like the thought of purchasing the Adapter to throw it away two month later.

So now I'm thinking about bases and wheels.

Wheels I'm switching mind between Podium R300 and Podium 911GT3 Suede.

I've got a Next Level Racing DD Wheelstand which would benefit of the DD1 and the longer Wheel/Quickrelease-Shaft. For the CSW I probably need to tinker an extended mounting plate to bring the wheel to the seat a little more. But DD1 also would generate the problem of pulling back the whole rig another ~10 cm for clearance to monitor/table. How I turn it, no perfect no brainer solution.

Question 1 for community:

I don't want to pay 1200 just for a little longer steeringrod. I don't need the added force at all. The FF power my Thrustmaster generates is sometimes a little distracting to me and even a little unrealistic in terms of power steering. That doesn't count for old cars without powersteering though. From those of you who switched from CSW to DD: How do you rate the benefits in FF resolution? Can you express the pros and cons of the sheer feeling to someone whos best experience is the T500rs totally ignoring the fact of more power but on a setting where those two bases would be set to the same force? I read stuff about the not direct feeling of a belt system and torque ripple on DDs.

Question 2 for fanatec:

On your podium button module site, you describe that after a firmware upgrade the module would be supported by the CSW but the display would run in legacy mode. Can you explain that in detail? What would I not see/have access to on the display that I would using a DD1?

Question 3 for fanatec:

Is it possible to extend the steering rod between podium hub and quick release so the paddle shifters got the same distance to the wheel, but the wheel moves away from the base and more to the seat. Asking with the context of the base recognizing the wheel. Thinking about something like this:

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  • I have just upgraded from CSL Elite to DD2, no experience of CSW (or T500rs) but I think my experience still has relevance -

    Q1 - Running at low FF there is not a great deal of difference between the two wheel in terms of fidelity. The DD delivers that fidelity in a nicer way though - the belt driven wheel could be noisy, clackety clack, at high FEI settings even with low FF. But a DD wheels main strength is its strength. ;-) If you don't need or want that don't waste your money.

    Q2 - The display will show speed and gear info only - just like current wheels.

    Q3 - Not possible. That would require Fanatec to produce a steering extension rod with pin connectors at either end. No such thing currently exists.

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    Q1, what he said, plus the difference in ffb feel and fidelity just from a thrustmaster to a fanatec belted system is better. now i have a DD1 and run it on anything for any amount of time.

    Q2, definitely the Porsche rim, podium if you do a dd, clubsport if you do the other( for compatibility to csl and csw need the clubsport.) the r300 is similar minus the endurance box and add the button clusters, but you can use it and add the Porsche stuff later as its all in the ecosystem.

    Q3. on the podium for ps4 with apm, the clutch paddles are 4 inches from the servo motor, you don't need the tube.

  • Thanks for your impressions. This, own thoughts and a video of RON reviewing DD1 made me buy it.

    Especially the statement, that he felt bigger wheels might event get the CSW 2.5 to clipping. And the Podium Porsche is definately is a big heavy wheel with a bigger leaver 33/2 vs 30/2. Might have an impact on 100% on CSW. Or not. With the DD1 I should be save. And in the end I would be too annoyed having Podium stuff, not 100% compatible with Clubsport stuff like the Endurance Box.

    And maybe next year, I will get a podium hub and an old wood rim, or the new classic rim. For older Cars and Rally with Sequential Shifter. The Base mounted paddles won't work right? Even if I could mount them, there is no adapter bringing them that far to the wheel.

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